Everything You Need to Learn about Amazon Fire Phone

People are curiosu wheter Amazon truly is a worthy contender in the ongoing race towards smartphone supremacy with the Amazon Fire Phone. After all , the kindle was not that bad , and they have been part of the digital world for quite some time now. Are they ready to play with the big boys, or should we hold offthe huge crowds planning to run to storesthat sell electronics for now?
The Amazon Fire Phone is actually nothing new, considering that it was first released last year. The first versions ere locked however , which highly restricted the things that owners can do with it. This year however, Amazon did not only drop the price fom $449 to $ 199 , they are also offering these handsts fully unlocked. Would this be enough to draw a following for this wild card? Let’s see what else it offers.

The Pross
Considering that it’s only being sold at $199, the specs are not really that bad. It has a quad-core CPU with 2 GB of RAM. It also offers something that not a lot of smartphones offer-optical image stabilization on its 13MP rear-facing camera. And once you see that it uses a glass panel both in front and at the back, and is protected by a strong metal frame, then the $199 price tag seems a lot more appealing now.
The battery life is also pretty decent , knowing that this is one of the challenges that a lot of smartphones today continue to face. It also offers integration with different Amazon products and services, which is a huge plus.

The Cons
Where all the prime features on the Fire phone could make you seal the deal with Amazon, the software continues to be a huge letdown. It makes the phone move very sluggishly, something that you just can’t afford to have when you’re using a smarphone. After all, you expect a smartphone to be able to respond to your every move in a timely manner considering the number of functions that you are paying for.
They also say that the OS is based on Android , but now, it looks and feels nothing like it. It is not intuitive at all , and relying on specific gestures to make the phone work can be confusing and eventually, frustrating.
Although it was a good attempt by Amazon to join the smartphone race, there just aren’t enough reasons for anybody to buy the phone, even at its $199 price tag. If Amazon does come up with a new smartphone in the near future, then that might be worth the wait. Because once Amazon keeps all the plusses that come with the Fire phone, and fixes all the things that made it a dud they could actually come up with an amazing handset, maybe even better than a lot of other players like HTC.
So for now, there’s no need to log into your Amazon account or run to the nearest mobile store just yet. Wait for Amazon’s next installment, as that would probably be the winner that we’ve all been waiting for from the brand.

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