Seven Smartphone Myths Busted

All mobile shop that sell cell phone devices and other gadgets may have heard every kind of myth associated with cell phones. From the most ridiculous sounding to those that potentially have a tint of truth , these myths typicallt are factored is someone’s decision to buy (or not) a device . To help those who are in buying-limbo right now, here are seven busted myths about smartphones.

1. Charging Overnight
Myth: Smartphones charged overnight will result to an overheated device and may cause fire.
Truth: Most People are reluctant to charge their smartphone or tablet overnight because they believe that the gadget may overcharge and start a fire. This is also a concern for people who are afraid to plug their laptops 2477 . The truth is , there isn’t anything to be worried about. Modern Gadgets have the capacity to understand when to quit charging to avoid overcharging.
2. More Megapixels
Myth: If the smartphone has more megapixels then the gadget’s camera is better.
Truth: More megapixels doesn’t mean a clear , crisp photo. More megapixels actually only help when the smartphone owner wants to print photos taken with the phone. For a clear, crisp photo, choose a mobile phone with a quality sensor and aperture size.
3. Password-Protected
Myth: All password-protected Wi-Fi are free from risks.
Truth: There are two kinds of password -protected Wi-Fi the home network and a network a smartphone user uses to connect to the net away from home. The former, as provided that the network use WPA or WPA/2 encrytion, provides a great deal of protection. The latter, on the otherhand, doesn’t provide the same security. Public network connection with a password merely permis the user entryinto the hotspot. Any Mac or PC device can be converted into a receiver with software or app easily downloaded online. Hckers can kick off a twin network that appears like the real thing, get hold of the user’s password and compromise security in no time.
4. Pre-Owned Devices
Myth: Pre-owned devices are easily susceptible to malware and viruses.
Truth: This is probably the biggest myths about used smartphones. It happens to be most complex one, too. In simple terms, data from a pre-owned smartphone can be “wiped” out. The device can also be reset back to factory standars to avoid any malware or viruses. The process of wiping out data and resetting the phone is critically important, though. Smartphones have built-in methods to securely delete and rewrite the data for the new user’s data.This means that basic factory reset may not be enough to fully delete the data of the previous owner.
5. Magnet and Smartphone
Myth: The smartphone’s data will be erased whenn the device is near a magnet.
Truth: SSD or Soild State Drive is used by smartphone’s flash drive, and not a magnrtic hard drive . Therefore, a smartphone’s data are not affected even if magnet is nearby.
6. Mores Cores
Myth: More cores mean a better smartphones performance.
Truth: A smartphone with more cores doesn’t necessarily result in better performance since it’s not only the core that is in play. Other factors like proccesor and appp support make up for the device’s overall performance.
7. Tracking System
Myth: The government or anyone with a tracking system can track the smartphone even when it’s turned off.
Truth: Although there are products to track a phone, it only worhs if the smartphone is turned on. Otherwise, any plan of tracking the devices is useless.

Feel free to use these seven smartphone myth busters when deciding to buy a new phone.

Cesar N

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