Better Photo Management with Slidebox

With the barrage of apps that revolve around taking and making them better, every single iPhone user has probably been having problems sorting their phone images . This is not suprising at all of course , especially if you’ve taken advantage of every single image-taking, image-enhancing app that has been hitting the airwaves . You have probably found yourself being warned by your phone that you just don’t have enough space to take another selfie, or something similar to it.

So how do you effectively manage your phone images, specially when you´re at a loss on how to delete images more efficiently, considering how tedious it is to do just that using the stock iOS photos app?

Introducing Slidebox
This, along with a number of other of other iOS photo app issues, are what Slidebox aims to address. It makes photo management a whole lot easier by allowing you to just tap and swipe away to sort photos, find the ones you need or don’t need, and delete the latter.
Of course, some people would argue that Flickr and Google Photos has always been a great fit when it comes to image management. After all, the amazing but complex auto-tagging algorithms they apply have been proven to be quite effective. Slidebox however, takes a different approach to it that probably makes it a little more convenient
(and a little less complex) to understand.

Tap and Swipe
Through Slidebox, you can easily pull up any photo by tapping on it, and then would allow you to organize them accordingly merely by swiping in the right direction. Swiping left would push the photo into your Camera Roll or you could dispose of it by swiping up. Yes, it will remind you of Tinder when it comes to this capability.
But it will get confusing won’t it? What if I swipe towards the wrong direction? That’s pretty easy. When you decide to swipe up, it doesn’t really delete your photos automatically . It simply stores those photos you wanted to get rid of in Slidebox’s trash bin. This means that unless you have already emptied this trash bin, you still have a chance to review the photos you got rid of and restore them should you change your mind.

Organize Into Albums
No. Slidebox isn’t just for deleting and sorting through your photos, although that’s the main attraction. What it also does is allow you to group your photos into albums, making it easier to find photos that were taken on the same occasion, or carry the same theme. You even have the option to view these albums directly from the Photo app, which means that there is no need for you at all to open up an entirely different windows just to do this.
Slidebox is currently offered free at the App Store, and will be available on Android soon. With photo management apps such as this, it becomes even easier to decide to run to shops that sell electronics so that you can get more iOS gadgets to start taking more photos in.

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