Top Five Features of Windows 10

The whole world is breathless in anticipation as the Windows 10 Preview starts making its rounds to users everywhere. After all, this is going to be the very last Windows version that we will be seeing, so you can’t blame people if they’re exceedingly intrigued about what Microsoft has in store for them.

Here are the top five features that you should be waiting for:

The Start Menu.- Finally , the Start button makes a comeback through the Windows 10. This is one of the things that everyone definitely missed when they started using Windows 8, a plea that seems to have reached Microsoft HQ. The Windows 10 will show the Start menu back on its throne at the lower left corner of the screen, but what makes it even better than ever is the fact that aside from the usual list that you see on top of it when you click it, you also see Windows 8-style tiles beside the list. Of course, these tiles can be disabled anytime you want, and you can also choose which tiles appear on the Start menu.

Action Center Notifications.- One useful feature that you’ll see on Windows 10 is the Action Center Notification panel. Notifications have, after all, been so useful not only to social media users, but to any digital product you use. This time, you also get to have that you might need to talk, and information that you might want to see.

Cortana.- Cortana is Microsoft’s digital assistant that you all probably interacted with if you’re a Windows 8.1 user. She continues her role as your personal assistant the moment you switch to Windows 10, and probably with a wider range of capabilities this time. You can ask her to do some research for you, or research for specific files in your hard drive. And although some people found her to be a bit inexperienced in the Windows 8.1 version, The Windows 10 will see her as a better-trained and better-skilled individual.

Project Spartan.- Internet Explorer has become a joke in the digital world, but what Microsoft is replacing it with could challenge some of the existing browsers. Project Spartan aims to bring you a new browsing experience that uses Edge technology, allowing your browser to work hand in hand with Cortana. Yes, your digital assistant can give you more information about the pages or content that you’re looking at. And your browser even allowsyou to store content that you want to browser again later on as part of a reading list.

Virtual desktops.- Is your main desktop feeling a little too cramped for you? Windows 10 solves this problem by giving you multiple virtual desktops that you can organizeaccording to how you like them. It’s like having a multi-monitor setup, but with a single screen.

Seeing the huge changes that Windows 10 is bringing, better get yourself ready for its release. Check out stores that sell electronics for possible release dates and get ahead of everyone else.

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