Tips on Repurposing an Old iOS Device

Even shops that sell iPhone will say that one of Apple’s finest marketing strategies is malking the previous model seem outdated next to the company’s new gadget release. So what can you do whe your iOS device is considered “old?” The most convenient action you can take is to sell the gadget. Giving it away to a loved one could also be a great option.

However, if you’re not willing to let go of the device yet, there are ways to repurpose your now old device . Here are six tips on how to breathe new life to your iOS Smarthphone or tablet.

Use the iOS device as a:

Media Player.- This is possibly the most obvious choice (sans seling or giving the gadget away) Repurposing and old smart device solely as a media player is not that hard to do. It also doesn’t demand special skills or too much work . Symply load up your old phone or tablet with your media preferences and that’s it. If you wish for a serious media-streaming device, you can also install a media server that runs on your PC at home and gets its mobile version on your old iPhone or iPad.

Flash Drive.- One of the niftiest features of Apple phones and tablets is the storage space. The moment you quit using your old gadget , you now have a good amount of storage space available to your disposal. This means a range between 8GB and 64GB of free space to save music, images , videos , files and so on.
Your outdated gadget is practically your new flash drive.

EBook Reader.- You can save money and remove “Kindle” off of your shopping wish list, thanks to your old iPhone. Kindle apps for iOS (and even for Android devices) are highly functional. And since the Kindle app automatically syncs to reading options through Amazon cloud, accessing your books is not a difficult at all.

Navigation System.- Use your old phone to make the drive to and from work traffic-free and a lot safer.Make your old phone a cutting-edge navigation system that can show the road right onto the car windows. You can also download a navigation app, like the Forever Map 2 , that allows you to plan your route ahead of time or help you navigate an unfamiliar road.

Kitchen Helper.- If you love to cook or bake, you can use your old iPhone or iPad as a kitchen tmer/recipe finder. Use it exclusively for your cooking needs and you’ll have a neat kitchen gadget. Use it as timer when you’re cooking a complicated dish. Use it a recipe finder if you want to bake something new. Converting recipe measurements are simplified with the gadget’s calculator feature and internet access as well.

Gaming Device.- If you have a Kid that you’d want to entertain or if you’re a gamer console. Make use of the old phone as an entertainment device. Dowload as many game apps as you want and when you need to pass the time, use your refurbished iOS gadget to do so.

With these awesome use for your old iOS device , you definitely wouldn’t let go of despite the fact that you already have a new one un your hands.

Cesar N

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