Fixing a Broken Gadget versus Buying a New One

Gadgets are not really meant to last forever. They have their own shelf life depending on how durable the materials used for them are. The way they are designed is also a huge factor, as well as the way the owner uses it. Sometimes, gadgets become broken because of mishandling and carelessness. Other times however, no matter how careful you are, the gadget still breaks eventually because of regular wear and tear.

No matter what the reasons are on why your gadget is broken, the next step is to usually check whether it can still be repaired or if there is a need to buy a replacement. It all boils down to what the practical choice would be, something that is affected by a number of different factors. To help you decide , here are those important factors that you should consider:

  • Extent of Damage. How bad is it? Figure out what’s wrong with your phone and see extensive the damage really is. Is it just a single button that’s malfunctioning? And if a certain part has to be replaced , would it work like it used to? Sometimes, some damages become too much that no matter how you try to repair it, it would never work the same way. In this case , better decision is always to get a replacement , as it could be a cheaper and more practical choice.
  • Cost of Repair.There are certain costs that come with repairing a gadget. Should you choose to have it done by a repairman, there would definitely be service charges to be paid. Add to this the cost of the parts that need to be replaced as well. When you think about the costs, think of the long-term as well. The total cost of repairs may be a fraction of the price of a new gadget, but if it is just a temporary fix, then this also means that you would have to have it repaired again very soon, which would make it more expensive in the long run.
  • Length of Use. If you have been using the gadget for quite a long time, then maybe this is a sign that it would have to be replaced instead. Think about how many years it has already been, and if the technology it uses is quite old. Getting a new gadget to replace it would mean that you’re going for an upgrade, which could be worth the extra cost.

Always think about it first before you decide. Of course, you should also think about other options. For instance, newer gadgets could still be under warranty, which means that there’s a chance you could have it fixed for free. For those who would rather replace their gadgets, you also have the option to sell it. There are stores that allow you to sell electronics at a certain cost even if they are broken, which means that you could lessen the amount of money that you would have to shell out when you buy a new one.

Cesar N

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