Pencil Stylus for iPad: Yay or Nay

Created for creativity. That’s Fifty Three, the makers of the Pencil Stylus for iPad. Just a couple of months ago, the company launched a new gold brush and an anodized finish variant on its most saleable product. The Pencil Stylus for iPad is now part of the coveted accessory lineup in Apple retail stores. The new Pencil Gold suits the latest version of iPad Air 2 as well as the iPad mini 3, which incidentally have gold versions too.

The Pencil Stylus for iPad by Fifty Three was initially unveiled almost three years ago. It brought a carpenter’s pencil design to the world of stylus niche. It is most compatible with the manufacturer’s other popular product that is the Paper iPad app. The combination of the two makes tablet sketching a lot easier and more fun.

Pencil Stylus in Gold Features

The brand new stylus for iPad offers a number of benefits and features. These include:

  • Effortless Surface Pressure – The pencil stylus offers a unique tip that allows the user to create lines of any size without adjusting any setting.
  • Nifty Palm Rejection – The user can rest his hand on the screen without having to worry that the setup will be ruined or erased. The palm rejection feature of the pencil stylus allows the user to easily write from any angle.
  • Handy Erase – The new built-in eraser gives the user the freedom to draw, sketch, write anything, knowing that the handy eraser is just a flip away.
  • Easy Blending – The user can easily smooth out rough edges and blends shades directly from the digital paper using his finger. This is an excellent feature for people who use the pencil stylus to create charts and colorful projects that require shadows and contrasts.
  • Golden Accuracy – The Pencil Stylus in Gold has a tip and an eraser that are plated in luxurious 14K gold. This feature makes the accessory react fast and accurately to the user’s movements.
  • Long-term Battery Life – The new pencil stylus has a built-in battery that the user can charge off from any USB port. A full battery only requires less than two hours of charging and provides power for up to a month.
  • Clear Bluetooth Connection – The stylus can be paired with a Bluetooth connection without having to go through confusing menus or pairing setups.

Pencil Stylus for iPad: Yay or Nay

Shops that sell iPhone accessories and reviews from buyers say the same thing: the Pencil Stylus for iPad delivers what it promised to its market, and that is an efficient writing and drawing tool in a nifty design. Though the Pencil Stylus is compatible with other iPad apps, it pairs instantly and works without a hitch with Fifty Three’s Paper app.

If you love drawing, sketching, or doodling on your tablet, the Pencil Stylus is a great accessory to have. The gold version of the stylus is already available for order. The Pencil Gold is an addition to the stylus lineup of Fifty Three which includes the Pencil Walnut and the Pencil Graphite.

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