Smartwatch Swish Becomes Your Digital Basketball Coach

Around this time of the year, the biggest headlines in basketball circle around which star baller is relocating to what state for a huge load of cash. Tech-wise, the real money might not be in these celebrity players. The actual funds can be used for technological know-how to improve the games of both rookies and veteran ballers. A smartwatch app intended for sports is fast becoming the new “it” athletic program today. One good example of this software is the Swish app.

Onyx Motion Inc., a Canadian tech venture, has recently launched a crowdfunding marketing campaign to introduce the Swish app to the market. The software is the world’s first electronic basketball coaching app for smartwatches. Its creator Marisa Wu, an engineering student, fashioned this clever tech with motion sensors. This is so the baller can test his skills and strategies on his own. Swish can also provide its user with tips and ideas on how to adjust and enhance the baller’s abilities. To attract high caliber ballers, Swish is working with NBA player Ben Gordon. He is currently the company’s Director of Innovation.

Swish App: Better and Smarter

The Swish app plays nice with everyone as it’s attuned with any wearable hardware. This means it’s available for gadgets running iOS or Android. Apart from this compatibility benefit, Swish provides its users:

Instant Reviews. The space between right now and a couple of seconds ago is when

  • muscle memory is established. Thus, real-time feedback is paramount to generate accurate reviews. Swish provides instant reviews so the baller can figure out how to assess and adjust his game right away. This allows him to boost improvements at the instances he needs it the most. This means getting the right data at the best time the Information is needed, which is what coaching is all about.
  • Functional Insights. The best coach is one who learns alongside the player. Swish is created with this philosophy in mind, so every word of advice it provides is doable. Every bit of information is related to a method to make the baller wiser, better and faster.
  • The Best of the Best. The designs Wu and her team creates are based on the assessments and the recommendations drawn from professional coaches and players. These are the people who don’t just win the game, but actually understand how to win it.

The app also features:

  • Tips. These recommendations show up real-time to encourage the increase of muscle memory.
  • Artificial Intelligence. The app is designed to customize coaching via oral communication, specifications and competitive details of the baller.
  • Coaching Strategy. Swish stores the user’s data from training to training and provides suggestions based upon these long term sessions.
  • Healthy Competition Program. The app can save the progress of the whole team. Everyone can be ranked according to skill and improvement.

The Swish app is no replacement for a breathing and moving basketball coach. But, the Onyx Motion creation can be an incredible on-court tech support for a baller trying to level up his basketball skills. For more information about this app, browse Gadget Salvation – an online shop that sells electronics and provides new gadget information.