Top 10 Best Wearable Tech Products Today

If you ask around at stores that sell electronics, there is a huge chance that they get not only a lot of inquiries, but a lot of actual orders for the latest wearable tech gadgets. The demand for them actually goes way beyond the usual hunt for the Apple Watch. Consumers are actually looking for so much more than that.

Here are the top 10 wearable tech products in the market today:

Vigo. It may look like a Bluetooh headset , but the Vigo is actually meant to be placed of the side of your eye. Using an infrared sensor, an accelerometer , and a complex algorithm, it can measure your level of alertness based on the duration, speed , and quality of your blinks.

Smarty Ring. The Smarty Ring is a ligther vrsion of the usual smartwatch, but worn as a ring instead. You can accept and reject calls, trigger your phone camera, deliver notifications, and a lot more.

Creoir Ibis. Although still a prototype a the moment, the Creoir Ibis answers the need for smartwatches that are not only useful, but fashionable as well. It has all the usual smartwatch functions you lookfor, with an elegant design that makes it perfect not only on electrononics store aisles, but on jewerly stores’ display cases as well.

NeuroOn. If you have heard of polyphasic sleep schedules, then you were probably intrigued at how effective the approch is in givig you sleep efficiently, albeitbroken down into small increments throughout the day. The NeuroOn is the perfect sleeping mask for it, measuring things like muscle tension and brain waves to allow you to follow your predefined sleep plan.

Skulpt Aim. For those who believe that BMI is not the best way for you to check how physically fit you are, KULPT Aim gives you a better solution. It measures muscle quality and body composition, letting you know what you body fat percentage is and how fit your muscles are.

Basis B1 Band. Offering a lot more tools than the usual fitness tracker, the B1 band does cool stuff like movement tracking, sleep tracking, and even perspiration tracking as you work out.

Metawatch. Have Fossil ex-engineers and premium phonemaker Vertu designers working on a single project, and you end up with the Metawatch. It’s a watch first and foremost, so it is definitely stylish and fashionable.It is smartphone secondly, so it has the usual functions like checking the weather or getting updatesand notifications.

Peeble Steel. They were ono of those responsible in building this industry, and they are never leaving the top ten for sure. The Pebble Steel is stylish and elegant as it isuseful, making it a perfect gadget that you can weareveryday.

Misfit Flash. You can wear it when you work out, when you swim, or when you go to the office. Even better than itsstyle advantage, the Flash is also one of the most affordablefitness trackers you’ll see, considering its functions and overall design.

This list will definitely evolve as more tech geniuses come up with even better wearables to address every possible need. Before you know it, you’ll have wearables doing everything for you, making life so much easier.