Google Photos on its New Edit Timestamps and Photo Arrangement

Google has recently launched an updated for the Google Photos app for Android. The internet giant likewise made several changes to their Photos Web client to encourage current users to explore the new upgrade and entice new ones to try the app. The revamped version of Google Photos is still a fairly new program for many users. This means you can expect a few more modifications , additional features, regular uppdates, and a great deal of feedback note-taking for Google.

Edit Timestamp
Google Photos users can now take advantage of the app’s timestamp feature. You now have the power to change your photo’s timestamp. You will see buttom every time you hover over the timestamp within the image´s information section. The new button will let you edit the time and date when the chosen photo was shot. This new feature is useful if you need to modify your photos’ timestamp because your camera was not working properly during the time the images were shot. Manually changing the time also helps if you’re trying to prank someone. If you don’t need to change the timestamp or you´re too lazy to do so, you may also leave the photos as they are.

Rearrange Photos
You can now rearrange the order in which your photos show up in your Google album. Until this new update, the app failed to enable users to arrange their photos as they wish. This is because Google Photos automatically organized the images via pre-specified algorithm . Now you can simply rearrange the photos by tapping the edit option found on the top right corner of the page. You can reorder your photos depending on the sequence you like. It can be by timestamp or by a storyline. You can even rearrange the images by color or any other random arrangement you want your photos to showcase.

Trim Videos
Google is now making it possible for users to regulate the the length of their videos. Similar to the photo arregement , it’s only with this update that, as a user, you can edit and manage your video after it had been uploaded. One of the key changes to this function is its ability to trim down videos. You also can choose which part of the clip you would like to share online.

Google Updates
Based on several experts who sell electronics , the new features presented above are already live for both Android and Web users of Google Photos. For online use, you just need to go and modify your photos timestamp or rearrange the images as much as you want.

If the chages haven’t reflected on your Android device by this time, check the status of your Google Photos app. An update may be required. Otherwise, wait for the notification that the wew Google Photos app is available for download to your device. Given that Google is gradually releasing these new features on Android devices, it may take some time for the update to reach you Android smartphone or tablet.