Opera Buys App Discovery Service Bemobi

Opera recently announced its investment in Bemobi, the top subscription-based, mobile app- discovery program popular in Latin America. Bemobi delivers a distinctive Netflix-like membership service for premium applications on Android. Using the services of mobile operators, Bemobi’s exclusive app-wrapping engineering grants smartphone users entry to unrestricted usage of advanced mobile apps just for a weekly modest fee. Consumers spend on this specific service via their mobile operator payment program, generating the service noteworthy in growing markets where the use of credit or debit cards is reduced.

About Opera

Opera makes it possible for over 350 million net consumers around the world to connect with the online services and content that matter to them the most. Opera likewise helps web publishers profit from their materials through advertising. In the same manner, advertisers get to reach their target market to develop a value for their services, taking advantage of an international buying market reach that surpasses one billion.

About Bemobi

Bemobi is the leading subscription service provider in South America that distributes and monetizes mobile apps. Bemobi proposes to its users some of the most outstanding curated applications and games. These come from a huge selection of the best app publishers and programmers around the world. Bemobi operates in close partnerships with the region’s top mobile service providers reaching more than half a billion mobile subscribers in Latin America.

About the Acquisition

The pairing of Bemobi’s top rated service with Opera’s international footprint, present carrier and handset maker connections and app distribution abilities, allows the latter to create groundbreaking app discovery and money-making services worldwide. The acquisition also positions Opera as a world leader in terms of the ecosystem of mobile apps.

The benefits of this acquisition include the following:

  • The acquisition unwraps new development possibilities for Opera in South America. Bemobi’s associates include every major mobile provider in Latin America. By bringing Bemobi’s world-class answer to an international market, the purchase of Bemobi likewise secures Opera as an industry leader in the region and provides a whole array of services from Opera’s assortment of services to South America.
  • The acquisition benefits every participant in the mobile app market. With this investment, Opera can now deliver scaled value to all participants in the mobile environment. This includes the consumers, app developers, mobile providers and handset producers.
  • For Opera’s top mobile app developer associates, Bemobi’s over 6 million active subscribers present an efficient route whereby they can easily discover their applications and monetized throughout South America.
  • For Opera’s mobile operator associates, Bemobi’s services provide a remarkably appealing and suitable service they can present to their end users. The app discovery features of Bemobi can be tailored for every market the mobile operators cater.


Bemobi’s workforce, services, engineering and business superiority are extremely complementary to Opera’s mounted position in mobile app discovery solutions. The collaboration of the strengths of each company will allow them to present services that benefit consumers the most.

The acquisition will be officially completed in the third quarter of 2015. Personnel-wise, Pedro Ripper continues to be the Chief Executive Officer of Bemobi. For more information about this acquisition, Gadget Salvation, an online shop that sells electronics, will keep this article up-to- date.