How to Unlock a Computer Using a Smartphone or Smartwatch

At this time and age when email scams and online identity theft is prevalent, everyone hopes to replace the use of a password for security with something superior. For those who have smartphones or smartwatches, this hope is closer to reality. With the right tools, it’s possible for you to log into your computer using just your smartphone or smartwatch. Gadget experts that review and sell electronics deem that the most refined choices are designed for Mac and iPhone users. Options intended for Android, Windows and other platforms are considerably more limited.

1. For Mac and iPhone or Apple Watch Users

Options for Apple gadget users are more varied and high-quality. These include the following:

  • Knock

This iOS app lets you use either your Apple phone or smartwatch to unlock your Mac. Go near your computer with your iPhone and the app will connect to it via the Bluetooth Low Energy. Literally knock on your iPhone’s screen and it will unlock your Mac. You can do this even if your phone is in your pocket.

Using the smartwatch provides more security because even when someone else wears your Apple Watch, the person won’t be able to unlock your computer. The Knock app for iPhone is available for $3.99.

  • Tether

This app operates entirely via the Bluetooth Low Energy. Just like with the Knock, you only need to go near your Mac and your smartphone will establish its connection to your computer. The app will instantly unlock your computer when you approach. In the same manner, when you walk away, your computer and your smartphone will automatically sever their connection.

Tether for Apple Watch is also now available to provide the same brand of security. The standard auto-lock of the Tether for iPhone and Mac features can be downloaded for free. The app offers in-app purchases for add-ons.

  • MacID

This app uses a distinct methodology. Instead of unlocking your Mac on auto-pilot, it enables you to unlock your computer from your smartphone. This means that with the Touch ID sensor on your iPhone, you can verify and access your Mac. If your computer has a long password,

using the Touch ID feature of your smartphone will certainly speed up the process. The iOS app is also available for Apple’s smartwatch. MacID for iPhone costs $3.99.

2. For Chromebook and Android Phone Users

If you’re a Chromebook user, Google has designed a way to open up your computer with an Android smartphone. This option is the Smart Lock, and it calls for an Android phone with at least an Android 5.0 OS. This security lock is yet to be available for Android Wear watches.

3. For Windows PC and Android Phone Users Polished security lock options for Windows are not available in the market as of yet. But if you have advanced tech skills, it’s still possible to set something up yourself with different Android

third-party tools such as the EventGhost for your computer, AutoRemote for your Android phone, and Tasker for automatic connection between the two. Although not all people can start using their smartphones or smartwatches to secure their computers, the options above are good starting points.