Steps on What to do when You Forget Your iPhone’s Passcode

If you forgot your Apple gadget passcode, resetting your iPhone or iPad is needed to regain access. The main downside of this is that you will lose everything saved in your gadget, although you may easily restore them if you diligently backup your files. The upside of this dilemma is if your Apple gadget is synced with iTunes, it’s easier to build up a brand new backup system to restore your account.

Passcode Bypass

It’s impossible to go around the PIN and gain back admission to your iPhone or iPad, even if you remember your iCloud username and password. Type in the wrong passcode six times consecutively and your Apple device will be disabled for a set period of time. This prevents you from accessing your device and trying a new passcode repeatedly.

1. Using iTunes Backup

If you were able to sync your Apple device to iTunes on your Mac or PC, it’s possible to use

iTunes to make a brand new backup for your files and restore said backup. According to tech

experts who sell iPhones, this process will retain your old data.

  • Connect the Apple gadget to the computer you used to sync your files to iTunes.
  • Go to “Device Summary” screen.
  • Choose “Back up Now” to start the backup process.
  • Complete the backup process. Once done, choose “Restore (gadget).”

It’s important to note that this will only work if iTunes doesn’t ask for your PIN or passcode. Otherwise, disconnect your iPhone or iPad from the computer and use another one where you’ve opened and synced your files with an open iTunes before. If the second attempt requires your code, it will be impossible to do this backup anymore.

2. Using Find My iPhone

If you failed to sync your Apple device with iTunes, but your Find My iPhone feature is enabled,

visit the latter’s page at and sign in using your iCloud account info.

  • Choose the Apple gadget (iPhone or iPad) you need.
  • Select the option to “Erase.” This step will remotely erase the contents of your gadget.
  • Restore your files using your iCloud backup or setup a new one again. Both options will enable you to key in a new PIN or passcode.

3 Using Recovery Mode



If your Find My iPhone feature is disabled, the last option for restoration is to use Recovery Mode to wipe out the content of your gadget. You will need access to your Mac or PC where iTunes is installed. A gadget cable is also needed to physically connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer.

  • Connect your Apple gadget to your Mac or PC.
  • Open iTunes.
  • Execute a press-and-hold maneuver on your phone. At the same time press and hold your gadget’s Power and Home buttons. This will forcibly restart your device. It’s important that you keep your fingers pressed on the buttons up until the Recovery Mode screen appears.
  • Wait for the notice from iTunes that states that there is a problem with your device and it requires an update or restoration.
  • Choose the “Restore” option to regenerate the unit’s factory default settings.
  • Set up a new account using your iCloud information.

All three methods are also applicable for any Apple Touch gadgets as well.