What Siri Can Do with the New Apple TV

The latest version of Apple TV comes with many advanced features. Based on companies that sell iPhones and iPads, the best of these cool features is the integration of Siri.

To access Siri via Apple TV, you need to:

  • Hold down the microphone button on the TV’s remote control.
  • Wait until Siri pops on the screen.
  • Speak directly into the remote control.

It’s important that you continue holding down the microphone button until Siri hears your entire command.

Six Siri Assists via Apple TV

For those who are still unsure how to use Siri with their Apple TV, here are six commands you can give to Apple’s digital assistant.

1. Turn on show subtitles.

If you’re watching a foreign film and the subtitles are not activated, simply command Siri to turn them on. You can do this by telling it to “Turn on subtitles.”

Similarly, if you want to turn on closed captioning, you can ask Siri to do so simply by stating, “Turn on closed captioning.”

2. Look for a specific movie.

If you’re trying to locate a particular movie but do not want to spend time searching for it, ask Siri to do the search for you. You need to:

  • Open the information screen by clicking on “Selection.”
  • Check if the movie you want to watch is available. Depending on its availability on either

Netflix or iTunes, you can choose to preview it or play the entire movie. At the bottom corner of the movie page you’ll see recommendations of related movies you can preview or play if the one you were initially looking for doesn’t strike your fancy after all.

3. Search movies through an actor’s name and film genre.

If you want to explore the filmography of a certain actor, you can ask Siri to search for it. For instance, if you want to see the list of action movies starred in by Johnny Depp, simply command Siri to “Show me action movies starring Johnny Depp.” Apple TV will then show you the list and their availability for iTunes preview or for purchase.

4. Check the weather and time worldwide.

Siri is known for its accurate weather report. With Apple TV, you can ask Siri to check the weather in your area and in other key cities around the world. Similarly, you can check the time in different parts of the globe. This feature is also available on iPhones and iPads, so Apple users may already be familiar with this function.

5. Play your favorite TV show.

With Siri, you no longer need to scroll up and down to look your favorite television show. Simply ask Apple’s digital assistant to locate the show for you. For example, command Siri to “Play FRIENDS, season 8, episode 5.”

6. Check the stock market.

If you’re a stock market investor or would like to be updated with activities within the business world, ask Siri to check the stock market. You can be as specific (per company) or as general (whole industry) as you want. Integrating Siri and Apple TV provides several cooler features. Find time to explore your gadgets and be surprised at what these smart Apple gadgets can further do.