Must-Have Gadgets for Business Travelers

If you travel for business often, then you have to make sure your travel gadgets are lightweight and protected. Based on vendors who sell electronics, here are five of the best travel gizmos to make sure conducting business abroad gets easier.

1. Luggage Protection

Not every important document and irreplaceable gadget you take on your business trip fits into your hand luggage. And since missing suitcases aren’t unheard of, can you really trust airlines and baggage handlers to be extra careful of your company data? The perfect solution for this dilemma is the Eviate eTag and eTrack.

The eTrack is a very discreet gadget that lets you know where your suitcases are. It also sends alerts when your baggage is on the carousel and even informs you if it has been opened throughout the journey. The eTag is an electronic baggage tag that allows travelers to check in at home, skip the long queues at the check-in desk, and ultimately save time.

2. Environment Adjustment

Business travelers must culturally and technologically adjust to new settings. For tech matters, one cost-effective and simple answer to do this is a universal USB adapter. If you carry one with you, you dont need to squeeze extra plugs and wires into your already stuffed luggage.

The Go Travel Worldwide USB features four sliding slots that feature American, British, Australian and European plug designs. It also offers two USB ports that can help you save time between conferences and meetings.


3. Type Fast

On various travels you don’t have the space to bring or use your laptop, your mobile gadgets become handy. That is, until you have to type long emails. The perfect solution to this problem is a wireless keyboard. The ZAGG Pocket Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard is a favorite of frequent travelers. Its also foldable, so it fits into pockets or purses.

4. Safe and Secure

Whether its severe turbulence, a bumpy car ride or the occasional jolts of a train, working on moving transportation is hardly comfortable. The motion can also damage your gadgets. To keep your mobile devices and laptop safe, use protection specially created for gizmos. The

Tech21 brand offers a range of gadget cases with state-of-the-art FlexShock protection. This means whatever your devices run into – uneven driving, clumsy luggage operators or spilled coffee – it wont destroy your gadget and ruin your trip.

5. Prepaid Account

There are various reasons not to bring a lot of cash on a business trip: security is one of them and unrestrained spending on company credit cards is another. Eventually, it will complicate the expense claims process. One solution to this predicament is a prepaid travel money card.

PrePay Solutions is a favorite of frequent flyers. This popular alternative for small businesses enables you to secure competitive exchange rates and load up the precise amount you wish to spend abroad. This makes budgeting a lot easier. Extra cash is reloadable for emergency situations, but you still hold the control. Because they are chip-and-pin protected, travel money cards are commonly accepted in stores, restaurants, bars and pubs, and ATMs in different parts of the world.

Flying for business need not be stressful. But with these gadgets, you can make the most out of your time abroad.