Tricks to Boost Your Android Battery

If you find a smartphone manufacturer that’s professing a lifetime supply of battery, run to the other direction. Smartphone batteries fail to last forever. In fact, a lot of electronic devices have an almost-embarrassing battery lifespan. The good thing is there are several things you can do to make the battery of your Android device keep on going. Experts who sell electronics provide these tips for you:

  • Use a black wallpaper.

If your smartphone comes with an AMOLED screen – like most Samsung units – use a black or dark-colored background. The dark wallpaper helps you save precious battery life because AMOLED screens solely light up the colored pixels. This means the black pixels remains unlit, and the more black pixels your screen shows, the less power it needs to illuminate them.

  • Tap the Doze feature.

The Marshmallow OS features a new function called Doze. This is specially added to help you get more out of your unit's battery. Doze is one of the most significant additions to Marshmallow.

It’s set up by default. It enables your device to go into hibernate mode when it’s unused for an extended period. The impact of this is that your smartphone now sleeps when you’re asleep, and will just lose about 3 to 5% of its battery power on an average night.

  • Steer clear from adaptive or auto brightness.

If possible, avoid using display auto-brightness. It appears handy, but auto-brightness is usually a lot brighter than what you actually need. It’s advisable to just manually set up the brightness level of your device to low, and simply bump it up when needed. This is among the best solutions to your battery problems since the screen is a major battery-sucker.

  • Set your screen into a shorter timeout.

Set up your display’s screen timeout to as short a period as is realistic for you. Research reports the standard smartphone user turns on their phones about 150 times in 24 hours, so a long screen timeout and short ones accumulate quickly. Minimizing it helps maintain your battery life running for a longer time.

  • Disable your phone’s smart features.

Your smartphone doesn’t have to be “smart” all the time. Turn off the smart features, particularly if you’re a Samsung user. Unless you regularly use these features, they’re just consuming your battery for no valid reason.

  • Turn off the vibrate feature.

Disable the vibration alerts for incoming calls and messages up until the time you really have to enable it. Vibrating a phone takes more power than simply letting it ring.

  • Use original batteries only.

If you need to change your device’

s battery, make sure to buy an original replacement or a battery pack from a respected third party manufacturer. Saving a couple of dollars on a battery that may damage your smartphone is a bad choice, and may also provide sub-standard performance.

It takes little time to look for ways to prolong your smartphones battery. A tap here and a touch there can make all the difference.