Best Navigation Apps for iPhone

It’s amazing how far mobile technology has brought us. Where travelling around used to mean burying your face into huge maps kept in your glove compartment, today’s generation probably don’t even know how traditional road maps look like.

All this is because of navigation apps easily downloaded and installed into one’s smartphone.

If you’re an iPhone user, these are the best navigation apps that experts who sell iPhones recommend:

  • Apple Maps

The iPhone’s default navigation system, Apple Maps gives turn-by-turn driving and walking instructions supported by live traffic info to help you figure out the best routes to take. It even gives you a 3D look at the structures around you to make it easier for you to find out where you are. This app has definitely gone a long way since it was first introduced, as it initially was dismissed as extremely ineffective in its early days. It has definitely bounced back as a useful and efficient app since then.

  • Google Maps

Google Maps used to be the iPhone’s default navigation app, but was replaced when Apple launched its own navigation system. Although it was there since day 1, there is no way to set this as you iPhone’s default navigation app and would have to be launched manually.

  • Waze

What makes Waze extremely useful is the huge size of the community that keeps it running effectively. Users are contributing real-time traffic reports, making it one of the most accurate navigation apps in the market. Sure, it gives you questionable instructions sometimes. But because it has the intelligence that allows it to see heavy traffic, accidents, and even speed traps, it always turns out to be right, even if it doesn’t show you the usual route you’ve mastered.

  • HERE Maps

HERE was developed by Nokia. Sure, it’s not exactly the most widely-used app. But what makes it a strong contender on this list is its ability to continue giving you directions even if you’re offline. It’s as simple as downloading maps for offline use, and just like that, you can easily go from point A to point B without any problem.

HERE also has an efficient trip planning function, which makes it extremely useful if you plan on going out of town and have a long trip ahead of you.

  • Navmii

Navmii has the usual navigation functions that guides you as you go left and right towards your destination. But what makes this amazing app unique is the fact that it has been integrated with other apps like Trip Advisor. This allows it to give recommendations on places to eat and stay no matter where you are. Its maps are also stored directly to your phone, which means that you can continue using it offline.

Driving around has definitely become a whole lot easier since these navigation apps were introduced. Try these apps and see which of them works for you best. Each app has its own sets of strengths of weaknesses, and it’s up to you to figure out which of them would cater to your needs the most.