Are you still busy with the apps you downloaded from last year? Well, you better start making room for more on your iPhone, because here is a list of the best iPhone apps you should be downloading this 2017.

  • Cash

If you’re always out with your friends, this is a cool app you guys can use. If you’re the type who almost never brings cash, you can finally split the tab without worrying about a thing. Cash allows you to transfer money from your bank account to another’s, which means that your friend could pay the bill now while you tap away at your phone, transferring your share to his or her bank account.

  • Photoshop Fix

Finally, you can start editing your photos on your iPhone professionally. Photoshop Fix allows you to use your favorite Photoshop features with ease. You can finally stop using those photo editing tools that are a pain to use, and go right back to what you’ve gotten used to when on your computer.

  • Hotel Tonight

Are you looking at a lot of trips this year? Well, this is a nifty tool that can help you book a room in seconds. This is especially great for sudden trips you have very little time to prepare for. You can also specify what kind of accommodations you’re looking for. Are you looking for a small and simple room with all the basics, or would you rather stay in complete luxury?

  • Dark Sky

Sure, there are a number of other weather apps. Why bother to buy a new one? Well, if you’re always on the go, this is definitely one app you’ll need. Dark Sky predicts the weather not just in the city you’re in, but on the exact spot where you’re standing. This is great for people who are in big cities where the rain in one area may not be reaching the other end. Because the forecast is specific to you, the rest of the city may be bringing a useless umbrella around with them while you whistle casually along.

  • Day One

Is this the year when you finally start chronicling your life? Day One is the perfect app for that. It is beautifully designed, and allows you to write on your journal no matter where you are. You can even add music you’re currently listening to or pictures of places you visit. To top it all off, it allows you to add a secure password. This means that no matter who has you’re phone, there will be no peeking into the life you’re writing about.

This definitely looks like a big year for the iPhone, especially with these apps you just can’t live without. Other basics are still useful of course, like Waze, Uber, Mint, and others. You could even continue playing Super Mario Go, just like other iPhone users. Of course, as the year goes by, expect a few more new apps to hit the AppStore. Just stay tuned for announcements from experts that sell iPhones so that you can download them right away.