2016 was a fun year for iPhone users. There was the much-awaited release of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, as well as iOS 10. Now that we’ve ushered in a brand new year, it wouldn’t be a surprise that loyal Apple users are thinking about what’s in store for them. And if rumors turn out to be right, then 2017 could be the best year yet for all iPhone enthusiasts.


A Look Back at 2016

Before we jump to the future, let’s take a peek at the past.

Now, 2016 may have been exciting because of the release of a number of Apple products. But that doesn’t mean everything went well. Experts that sell iPhones report that 2016 was the first time Apple experienced a huge decline in iPhone sales.

Of course, several factors could have caused this. For one, it was not really that big of a difference style-wise from the iPhone 6. Sure, it was thinner. But overall, the changes made were not that significant to make people let go of their old iPhones.

Another issue was the fact that the headphone jack was absent in the iPhone 7. Evidently, this raised a lot of eyebrows. Although AirPods were released soon after, people were thinking twice about changing a lifelong tradition of plugging that cable in.

The list goes on and on. The MacBook Pro added to all the iPhone issues too, with complaints about its battery life and the disappointing graphics.


What 2017 has in Store

Seeing that there were a lot of shaking heads in 206, it is only expected that Apple is gearing up for a better year. This is what makes it exciting.

2017 also marks the 10th year anniversary of the iPhone, so it’s hard to believe that Apple would have no releases this year that would knock your socks off. For sure, something is brewing at the Apple HQ, and the rumors alone are enough to get people to save up for a new iPhone.

Yes, it seems that the iPhone 8 will be released in September of this year. The name itself is still unsure, as there are very radical changes made to this year’s iPhone. This means that there’s a possibility Apple could go for an entirely different name.

Style-wise, there are two possibilities for this year’s iPhone. One is that it’s going to apply the same curved display used on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. The other is that it’s going with the same edge-to-edge display used on the iPhone 7. Regardless of which of the two approaches will be used, it will definitely have an OLED display.

It also seems that 3 models are in the works. They will, of course, promise a faster A11 processor, and possibly, biometric features. Iris scanning seems to be a term floating around, but we won’t be sure if this will really be made possible through the new iPhone this year. For now, we’ll just have to wait and see.