The 6 Best Gadgets for Fall 2017

With summer coming to an end, many consumers look forward to the coming fall. Not only does this let you decorate for Halloween, but the fall typically represents a huge push of new gadgets and technology.

With winter and Christmas quickly approaching, manufacturers have a new sense of urgency to get their products onto store shelves — and it results in plenty of options for the average consumer.

1. iPhone 8

With a launch date set for late September, the Apple iPhone 8 has already gotten a lot of media coverage.

Featuring some significant upgrades and enhancements from previous versions, including an all-glass body and an aluminum frame, the iPhone 8 is sleek and durable. The integrated speakers are also 25 percent louder, with more bass than its predecessors.

2. Xbox One X

The Microsoft Xbox One first launched in North America and Europe in November 2013, but the newest version of the software giant’s video game console is dominating headlines four years later.

Complete with revamped and upgraded hardware that supports high-def, 4K graphics, it’s touted as “the world’s most powerful console” for a reason. The Microsoft Xbox One X is keeping plenty of kids indoors this time of year, and it will certainly appear on many shopping lists this coming holiday season.

3. Android Devices

Android unveiled their new operating system — known as Oreo — all the way back in March 2017, but it’s finally starting to hit consumer smartphones across the nation.

The initial launch is limited to certain devices, specifically the Google Pixel and Nexus, but it will support many more devices by the end of the year. According to those who have enjoyed early access to Android Oreo, the platform is significantly faster and easier to navigate than past versions.

4. Heated Shirts

Consumers are starting to get smarter about their utility bills, and some of fall’s top gadgets revolve around personal comfort and temperature control.

PolarSeal’s Smart Heated Top, which features various heating zones throughout the design of the shirt, is one such example. Plus, standard electric heat can cost $960 for the entire winter, so this helps trim some of your monthly expense.

5. GoPro Hero 6

You’ve probably already heard of the GoPro family of cameras. Popular for its applications in action sports and recreational activities, the compact GoPro is ideal for strapping to a helmet and filming events from the individual’s point of view.

Though the company has been struggling with profitability, the new GoPro Hero 6 — which offers even more functionality than previous versions — is expected to change that. A spherical camera that offers 360-degree video recording in high-definition, the device is unmatched in mobile connectivity and durability.

6. Apple HomePod

Portable speakers are more popular than ever before.

The rise in smartphone and mobile technology, coupled with the increased amount of storage space included in these consumer devices, makes products like the Apple HomePod a must-have for those who want to enjoy music in any room in the house. It’s compatibility with Apple Music, and Siri offers even more functionality.

Finding Gadgets to Complement Your Lifestyle

There are plenty of options when it comes to helpful and useful gadgets.

From free smartphone apps to consumer products, we all benefit from greater access to technology and information than ever before — and much of it comes during the fall months.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer number of new options that are now hitting the market, but the smartest and most tech-savvy consumers know how to choose those that complement their lifestyle and ignore the rest.

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Kayla Matthews

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