4 Alternatives to the GoodRX App

GoodRX is an online portal focused on tracking the fluctuating prices of prescription drugs throughout the United States. Their system actively monitors and compares quotes from tens of thousands of U.S.-based pharmacies to provide you with real-time information on prices in your area. Available as an easily accessible website and a handy app for your smartphone, the service attracts millions of customers per month.

There’s a reason why so many people are flocking to GoodRX. Apart from its intuitive interface — which provides you with a handy search box straight from the start — GoodRX also delivers free coupons that let you save up to 80% on your prescription medication. You can sign up for a free discount card to save even more.

Consumers aren’t the only ones using GoodRX. The service is so effective that some of the country’s top doctors and clinics use it to help their patients reduce costs and find pharmacies close to home. GoodRX offers many prescriptions at greatly reduced prices, including:

  • Neurontin (generic): 90 capsules at 300mg each at a savings of 81%
  • Vibramycin (generic): 20 capsules at 100mg each at a savings of 80%
  • Lexapro (generic): 30 tablets at 10mg each at a savings of 77%

The basic GoodRX website and app are available to users at no cost. For access to even more savings and discounts, consider enrolling in their GoodRX Gold program. At a monthly rate of $9.99, GoodRX Gold users see increased discounts for generic prescriptions at stores like CVS, Target, Kroger and more. Users also eliminate the need for printing out discount codes and coupons by using one convenient GoodRX Gold card.

But GoodRX isn’t alone in mobile healthcare and prescription services. There is an entire discipline —appropriately dubbed mHealth — that focuses on next-gen communication and its ability to serve the general public. Here are four alternatives to GoodRX:

1. iPharmacy

Developed by MedConnections, iPharmacy is a comprehensive hub for identifying unknown pills, researching instructions for administering different medications as well as locating nearby pharmacies. The app — available for both iOS and Android — also features a built-in reminder system to ensure you’re taking your medication as directed.

App users gain access to a prescription discount card, iPharmacy forums and weekly discounts as well.

2. OneRX

With a streamlined interface, the website and app behind OneRX provide a no-frills alternative to some of the bigger, more mainstream services. But this doesn’t mean they’re not as useful. Like the other mHealth services reviewed here, just type in the name of your prescription drug to find an extensive list of prices and pharmacies in your area.

Users of OneRX aren’t bombarded by unnecessary or irrelevant deals and discounts, which is a problem with some other sites. Instead, OneRX offers a simplistic — and free — OneRX card to cover any discounts or deals.

3. Blink Health

Blink Health’s setup is similar to the GoodRX website, and they also offer a handy app for mobile users on both iOS and Android. More importantly, they’re just as easy to use.

Simply type the name of your prescription into the search box, and you’ll be able to browse prices at up to 95% less than what you’re currently paying. You can also pay online and schedule a pickup at more than 40,000 different locations.

Picking up your meds is especially important in the 21st century. According to recent stats, approximately 4% of pharmaceuticals do not arrive at their destination in usable condition. You can better control the timing by picking up your meds directly from the pharmacy.

4. OptumRx

The goal of OptumRX is to “take the guesswork out of managing your prescriptions.” They achieve this in a variety of ways, including setting automated reminders through the My Medication Reminders tool and letting you search for local prescription drugs.

Some patients are even eligible for medication delivery straight to your doorstep, which makes the service even more convenient than their competitors. OptumRX is also available via the website or their handy app.

Embracing mHealth and Everything It Has to Offer

With the rise of mHealth and services like GoodRX and their competitors, U.S. citizens have easier access to prescription drugs than ever before. Coupled with steep discounts on both generic and brand name drugs, and there’s no longer an excuse for skipping out on your medication.

Image by Ylanite Koppens

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