6 WordPress Plugins to Make Your Blog Mobile-Friendly

WordPress is an excellent content management system for people who want beautiful-looking websites but don’t have the budget or skills required for platforms that are expensive and difficult to use.

As such, it’s a consistently popular option for individuals and companies interested in blogging. Regardless of whether you’ve had a blog for years or want to start your first one soon, it’s crucial to ensure its material looks readable and functions as intended on mobile devices.

Here are some useful WordPress plugins that will get your blog ready for viewing on portable gadgets.

1. WPtouch Pro

This is a Google-preferred plug-in that makes your site mobile-friendly while improving your rankings on the search engine. Although it offers numerous mobile themes to try, this plug-in conveniently allows you to keep your desktop theme and use it for people who visit on their computers.

Moreover, WPtouch Pro works on a variety of browsers and operating systems, making it a versatile choice.

2. Jetpack

While researching the best mobile plugins, you may realize the ideal option for you is one that does more than providing optimal functionality for smartphone users. In that case, look no further than Jetpack.

For example, it offers lazy image loading to speed up experiences on mobile devices. That means the only images that appear are the ones immediately visible on the screen.

Outside of the mobile realm, Jetpack offer social media scheduling, malware scans and much more, making it an essential plugin for serious bloggers or those who want to avoid pitfalls.

3. Max Mega Menu

The menu is the starting point for many people who are browsing blogs. From there, they can search for keywords, focus on relevant topics or look at archived posts. However, some website menus don’t automatically appear like they should on mobile devices.

The Mega Max Menu plugin lets you avoid navigational issues that could frustrate your viewers. It was tested on all major platforms and mobile browsers to ensure people won’t see squished buttons or other problems that could cause visitors to leave and not come back.

4. AppPresser

You can save time and keep your blog updated by repurposing some content for mobile devices. Maybe you have presentations, PDFs or Word documents with material that would work excellently for blog posts.

It might even be better to use apps for mobile devices that integrate with your WordPress blog. Consider doing that as a way to offer exclusive content to people who visit your blog on their gadgets.

AppPresser simplifies the app-creation process. It’s a cloud-based visual builder that enables the creation of menus, calendars, maps and more. Perhaps you’re an author who regularly visits bookstores for in-store events in addition to making contributions to your blog. In that case, the calendar and map functions could help your readers find you and give you their feedback on your writing.

When you want to go a step further than merely making a mobile-friendly version of your blog, AppPresser allows unveiling a mobile app for blog readers.

5. AMP

The worthiest WordPress plugins for mobile responsiveness don’t only address how your blog looks — they also optimize it for fast loading times.

Google and Twitter teamed up for an accelerated mobile pages (AMP) project to improve the speed at which content is delivered to handheld gadgets. An AMP is an ultra-lightweight HTML page that heavily relies on caching to make it load even faster.

Once you activate the AMP plugin, you’ll have dynamically generated AMP-compatible versions of nearly every page of your blog. Take note that the blog’s index and its archives are not sections the plugin supports.

6. WordPress Mobile Pack

One of the primary reasons people look for purposeful WordPress plugins to make their blogs responsive on mobile devices is because they understand readers are increasingly accessing content all over the internet on those gadgets, so it’s in a blogger’s best interests to cater to that trend.

The aptly named WordPress Mobile Pack is a plugin that detects the device orientation and screen size of a gadget, then adjusts accordingly.

There is also a comment-syncing feature that activates when a person gives input about a post from a mobile device. That content instantly appears on the desktop version of the blog.

Mobile-Friendliness Is a Simple Goal to Achieve

You may have initially thought making your blog mobile-friendly was too tough of a task to tackle.

Thankfully, these plugins prove that assumption wrong. By trying at least one of them, you can do something practical to meet readers’ needs and preferences.


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