ASUS ROG Phone: A Game-Changer

Finally, a smartphone that every gamer dreams to have, the Asus ROG Phone. This phone by far offers the best features for gaming enthusiasts.

For the longest time, gamers have been looking for a smartphone that could deliver an epic gaming experience. It may have taken years before the Republic of Gamers was able to catch up with the demands of the gaming world but the wait seems to be all worth it.            


What to Expect Design-Wise

Starting with its look, the ASUS ROG Phone certainly stands out from the typical smartphones. The phone’s exterior has a black finish with geometrical designs. It also has a big ASUS ROG logo at the back whose light color can be customizable.

ASUS also stylishly added a vapor chamber on the side, which is normally used for gaming laptops. It sports a 6.0-inch touchscreen display. Its edgy exterior would be very appealing to a wide array of users especially to those who are looking for a smartphone that looks out of the ordinary.


The ASUS ROG Phone on the Inside

Now the ASUS ROG Phone is more than just its exterior looks. The drivers of ROG definitely improved the smartphone for competitive gamers. They created programmable Air-Triggers and tactile enhancers to make the gaming experience even better. This feature allows its users to shift to X-mode by simply applying pressure on the sides of the phone. The user will easily know that it has shifted to X-mode because the screen of the phone changes from a shade of blue to red. Once the phone is in X-mode, it turns into the ultimate gamer phone. It shuts down all other background processes and automatically diverts power to whatever the user needs to play at maximum performance.

The positioning of these Air-Triggers show how beautifully well-engineered this gadget is, and how much ROG had gamers in mind. These Air-Triggers are smartly positioned away from the screen to avoid cluttering the screen during game time.              

In addition, the developers knew that speed is everything for gamers. So just like its predecessor, the Razer, the ASUS ROG Phone provides a 90HZ display. This means that its screen can deliver smoother animation with a refresh rate of 90 times per second. But ASUS did not just stop there. To make it stand above the rest, it gave its ROG Phone a 2.96GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chip. This definitely amps up the phone’s performance and sets it apart from all the rest.  

The developers of the ASUS ROG Phone wanted to give an epic gaming experience so they packed it with a set of gaming accessories. The phone supports 60GHZ 802.11 ad WiFi. When connected to its complimentary Asus WiGiG Dock,it can be used for wireless game-playing on a monitor or TV.

Moreover, it has a clamshell accessory, making the ROG phone a dual-screen device. The secondary screen is also 6 inches, but it’s thicker because of the 6000mAH battery within. The Twin View Dock is ideal for multiple activities such as live streaming while gaming. It also has an effective additional cooling system for more lasting gaming power.  


The Asus ROG phone is definitely gamer-focused. Its performance and its accessories work well together, giving its users an optimized gaming experience. The effective collaboration of engineers and developers is evident in the design and its features. Gamers, tech enthusiasts and the stores that sell cellphones agree that after considering its specs, this phone is a real game changer.