8 Sustainability iOS Apps for Greener Living

Everyone likes to joke that there’s an app for everything now, because technology is always advancing and making our lives easier. With the increasing popularity in recent decades to go green and live a more eco-friendly lifestyle, apps are helping people who want to make the Earth a better place. Instead of guessing if your monthly recycling does any good or wondering if using your bike really helps the environment, you can get real-time answers tailored to what you do to help improve the Earth.

Apps make tracking your carbon footprint easier and more efficient, so you can skip things like using paper to write down your efforts. There’s also many options for you to choose from. People can be green in so many different ways, which is why there are tons of green living apps on the market. That’s one of the greatest parts about greener living: You don’t have to do what everyone else is doing. Doing what you can with what you have is what matters, and apps are here to help you out with that.

Not sure which apps will guide you in figuring out and revolutionizing your eco-friendly life? Check out some of these popular iOS sustainability apps so you can live greener and rest easy. Making efforts to help the Earth is a big step in reducing your carbon footprint, but tracking your progress will help you see if you’re accomplishing your goals or need to shift things around.

1. Good Guide

There’s a lot of learning that has to happen before you can live a green life, and the Good Guide app is here to make the learning curve easier. Use the app to scan the barcodes of products you want to learn about. It’ll explain what the ingredients are and where it falls on a list of similar eco-friendly products.

2. Rippl

Not everyone knows what they’re doing all the time, and Rippl makes it easier to admit that and learn what you can do better. It’ll give you small tips and tricks so you can find greener ways to live, and they’re all free to anyone who downloads the app.

3. Carma

The studies people talk about that show how cars hurt the environment are more than a little eye-opening. About 75 percent of carbon monoxide emissions come from cars, and Carma’s here to help with that. Use the app to carpool with local residents to save on gas and reduce CO2 emissions.

4. Climate Counts

The only way to really make a difference is to know how to do it. When you use Climate Counts, it’ll show what most big companies are doing to be green and how much damage they do to the environment. That could change everything from where you get your groceries to where you donate money.

5. Joulebug

Sometimes what people need is encouragement to do the right thing, not just the knowledge about what’s right and wrong. Joulebug allows you to log your green efforts and compete with those around you for who can be the most environmentally friendly. You’ll get real-time updates for how much power or CO2 you save with each action.

6. iRecycle

Anyone who’s new to recycling or has moved to a different area knows how tricky it is to figure out where you can recycle which items. iRecycle fixes that for you, pointing out where your local recycling centers are and what they’ll take.

7. Leafully

At one point or another, you’ve seen your energy bill swing from affordable to expensive and back again. Leafully makes monitoring energy easier. It syncs with your energy company so you know what’s using your energy the most and how to decrease your usage.

8. Plugshare

Buying an electric car is a great way to go green, but you have to get used to recharging and not refilling. Plugshare maps out nearby charging stations so you’ll never have to worry about driving somewhere and not being able to fill up your car’s battery again.

Living a greener lifestyle doesn’t have to be difficult. There are plenty of apps that can help with whatever you want to do. Learn more, decrease your energy usage and reduce your CO2 output. The tiny effort of downloading an app could help you make the Earth a better place for everyone.

Kayla Matthews

Kayla Matthews writes about technology and gadgets for Motherboard, MakeUseOf and The Gadget Flow. To read more posts by Kayla, check out her blog Productivity Bytes.