How Many Times Do You Check Your Phone at Work?

So, how many times do you whip out your phone at work? Twice a day? Once every 15 minutes? Nowadays, everyone relies so much on their mobile phones. It’s not just a tool for distraction, but also for productivity. People use them to schedule meetings, purchase new clothes, pay for a meal at a restaurant, or talk to friends who are halfway across the world. Sometimes, people can’t even function efficiently without their phones reminding them of what they need to do next.

Smartphone Dependence

In the digital era, smartphones are a must-have. Some of the biggest tech companies launch new models each year because people can’t seem to get enough of them. These gadgets are built to last over a year. But whenever a new device hits the shelves, people somehow feel the need to sell cell-phone units and get the next best thing.

Just a few years ago, mobile devices were mainly used for calls and texting. Now, its capabilities are endless. It can function as a dictionary, a map, a music player, and a video player among many other things. With the rise of the internet of things (IoT), smartphones have only become more necessary for everyday living. For instance, some people use their mobile phones to connect to their bank accounts. Others use their handheld devices to control other smart gadgets—from lamps to coffee makers.

Breaking Down the Stats

Like most people, you probably don’t keep count of the times you check your phone. But an Android app called Locket, which pays its users to place ads on its lock screens, took the liberty to make a tally for everyone. According to their data, people check their phones an average of 110 times a day. One particular user locked and unlocked their device up to 900 times.

About 75% of smartphones owners bury their heads on their phones during peak hours, from 5 pm to 8 pm. The average individual checks their phone nine times every hour within those hours. But during off-peak hours, from 3 am to 5 am, only 24% of users activate their phones. And they activate their phones as much as four times every hour.

Note that the number might be higher in Locket users as the app does provide monetary rewards to those who unlock their phones and view the ads.

A more recent study conducted by Asurion, a global tech protection and support company, shows that Americans check their smartphones about 80 times a day. The average person finds it hard to go over 10 minutes without checking their mobile device. In the same study, Asurion found that about 31% of people feel anxiety when their smartphones are out of reach.

Takeaway Smartphones have made positive and negative impacts on people. Sure, they can help people get organized and productive. But as the studies show, people can barely last 10 minutes without checking their phones. So, just remember to do everything in moderation—even your cell phone usage.