Caviar’s Combined iPhone XS

A while ago, a customer in Russia thought of combining the iPhone and Apple Watch to form a single device. Said buyer brought up this idea to his iPhone provider. Thanks to Caviar, a Russian accessory luxury brand, the customer now owns a Swiss Dreams Watchphone. This one-of-a-kind item is a mashup of an iPhone and Apple Watch. If you also want to own this bizarre-looking device, then prepare to shell out $21,130!

The Stranger Things

Aesthetics-wise, the Swiss Dreams Watchphone doesn’t look fluid at all, but it can certainly make anyone do a double-take. Caviar is no stranger to the excessive use of gold and precious gems. The Russian brand doesn’t shy away from anything that looks and feels a bit obnoxious to some people. Markets that sell iPhone accessories in Russia don’t always carry phones with the face of Vladimir Putin on the devices. But Caviar does. So it’s not really a stretch that it’s the one company that produces the strange mashup of the iPhone and Apple Watch.

The Swiss Dreams

Caviar is well-known for adding gold-plated items on iPhone units regardless of how impractical they are. One of the brand’s most famous collection is a solar charging panel. The accessory is exclusive to

iPhones, and each trimming is wrapped in gold. The collection is lavish, to say the least. But it’s nothing compared to the newest Caviar accessory: the iPhone XS Max Swiss Dreams Watchphone. The extravagant device is literally a smartphone with a gold-plated smartwatch attached to its back.

The backplate of the iPhone has a backdrop image of the Earth. Prominent features of the image include the continents that are made from solid gold. The oceans surrounding the continents are made from synthetic onyx. The band of the Apple Watch that is attached to the iPhone has two tiers of electroplated gold. Even the frame of the watch is gold-plated.

The Logic Behind the Unusual Design

Even if you’re not into futuristic styles, the Swiss Dreams Watchphone will catch your attention. The fusion of the iPhone and Apple Watch with all the gold is jaw-dropping. According to Caviar, the unique design is about the changing world. It reflects how modernization changes the world and thus creates new visions, references, and philosophies. The Caviar design team heavily relied on the concept of the Apple Watch, a modernization of a traditional watch. The idea to combine the iPhone and Apple Watch produced a symbiosis of two of the most modern and sought-after devices today.

The Jaw-Dropping Price Tag

The Swiss Dream Watchphone is more than 20 thousand bucks. That’s a lot of money for an accessory, even for a luxury device. Given that everything is basically gold-plated, the cost is somewhat reasonable. But is it practical to own the Watchphone? Maybe not so much.

An Apple Watch has two primary tasks: provide accurate fitness data and display iPhone notifications. The former becomes accurate due to the sensor at the back of the smartwatch. So, if the Apple Watch is attached to the back of an iPhone, how can the sensor work properly? That’s something to think about if you’re considering buying Caviar’s latest luxury item.