Samsung Galaxy S10: 3 Must-Have Upgrades

When it comes to smartphones, Samsung has repeatedly demonstrated their passion for innovation. And most of the time, the South Korean tech giant delivers. A noticeable hiccup on this impressive accomplishment is the Galaxy S9, a decent phone – yes – but not a remarkable one. Markets that sell cell phone units can attest to the dismay of consumers with the S9. And so, with rampant news about the Galaxy S10 these past few months, a lot of people are hoping that the S9 is just a one-time oversight.

The good news is that every information released about the Galaxy S10 shows that Samsung’s next flagship will be far from its predecessor. It appears that multimillion company has formulated new systems on the S10 with regards to its selfie camera. Reportedly, there are also additional lenses to both front and rear cameras to boost the phone’s photography.  

The Galaxy S10 is almost here. Following Samsung’s previous timetable, the S10 is likely to be unveiled before the end of February 2019. In the meantime, here are a few things that we hope to see on the next Galaxy phone.

A New Design

One of the few issues consumers have with Samsung is the design of their smartphones. Design-wise, the company is falling behind its competition. So, for S10, many are hoping that it will have a fresh new design unlike the S9.

One particular style that people hope to change is the notches. Since we’re still not living in a full bezel-free world, the notches are necessary even if nobody really likes them. Other tech companies found ways to make notches work for their respective devices. Some find clever ways around them. With the S9, Samsung chose neither of the two courses, for which they paid a high price. The S9 was abruptly dismissed once more appealing smartphones came along.

With the S10, there is hope with a change of design. Rumors that Samsung has implemented a revolutionary approach to the notch have been circling the web. One that is the most intriguing is the ‘punch hole’ near the selfie-camera.  

Top Caliber Cameras

The quality of the cameras on a smartphone can make or break the device. To its credit, Samsung helped in revolutionizing camera phones. That being said, Google, Apple, and Huawei have recently made excellent camera features that Samsung needs to one-up.

With any luck, the S10 will have the same ability – or more – to capture excellent shallow depth-of-field pictures like the iPhone XS. It will also be an improvement if the S10 can deliver underexposed shots as good as the ones you get from the Pixel 3. Preferably the S10 can have a variety of AI camera modes, just like the assortments you get from Huawei Mate 20 Pro.

A Bigger Storage Space

In terms of first-rate specs, Samsung favors the Galaxy Note line. For S10, many hope that, at least, the storage space of the device will be as big as that of Note 9. Realistically though, a 128GB storage space for the S10 will be a stretch due to price disparities. The S10 is more affordable than the Note 9. But, since the 10-anniversary smartphone from Samsung is yet to be unveiled, there’s still hope for bigger storage space.