A 16-Inch MacBook Pro Is Making Its Way to the Market in October

October marks Apple season—a significant time for the superpower brand to hold key events that unveil some of the most game-changing products in the market.

This also makes it the ideal time to sell iPhones and laptops. And as one of Apple’s most celebrated months, October seems like the opportune time to sell MacBooks.

Yes, you read that right. The rumor that began in February about a 16-inch to 16.5-inch MacBook Pro would finally be put to rest in a few months, as the new Apple design is speculated to launch this October.

Unsurprisingly, the new MacBook Pro is said to be priced at $3,000 and will be produced by two of Apple’s largest manufacturers, Foxconn and Quanta.

Given that, plus Apple’s top-notch performance in the market, enthusiasts could only expect great things from this new model.

The New MacBook Look

Since Apple has discontinued the manufacture of a 17-inch screen in 2012, a 16-inch screen would be the largest display that users will eventually find on a MacBook Pro.

While February only teased an “all-new” design, this soon-to-be-released model now appears to boast of a 3072 x 1920 LCD resolution, manufactured by LG Display.

Users might also be happy to discover that the 16-inch model is further expected to have even thinner screen bezels. This essentially amplifies the user’s viewing experience without the need for Apple to largely expand the notebook’s outer design.

However, there are some disputes whether Apple will retain the butterfly keyboard for the new MacBook model. There are some suspicions that the Butterfly keyboard will be receiving improvements, such as a new under-key membrane and mechanism material.

After all, the introduction of the butterfly keyboard had been suspected to make MacBook Pros thinner and create more internal space. Freeing up space for an intricately designed computer such as the MacBook is essential to the device’s performance, which makes its pairing with the butterfly keyboard essential.

On the other hand, others claim that the MacBook Pro is looking to introduce a scissor keyboard in place of the butterfly keyboard. This is something the Apple users ought to look forward to, considering the dissatisfaction that many have expressed over the butterfly keyboard’s issues.

Others still speculate that the scissor keyboard would be more applicable to the new MacBook Air, and that it would instead be launched with the new MacBook Pro in 2020.

Top Performer

While little has been said about the 16-inch MacBook Pro’s performance, it is highly likely for the new model to exhibit an outstanding run.

With AMD releasing its new Navi graphics chips, the new MacBook Pro is the likely candidate for it. Apple usually seeks the help of AMD in order to acquire custom graphics chips for its MacBook units, so the possibility doesn’t seem unfounded.

Rumors of a link between Navi and MacBook Pros further arose when sharp-eyed followers discovered references to Navi in beta code for MacOS Mojave.

Given that, enthusiasts are more than looking forward to assessing the changes in the MacBook Pro’s graphics department.

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