How to Cash In on Old Laptops

Laptops keep rolling out new models with upgraded features, and much like with your mobile phones, you likely upgraded more than once. But once you’ve got the latest laptop model, what happens to your old laptop? It shouldn’t just gather dust in a drawer somewhere. Instead, you can turn your old tech into profit by selling your old laptops online.

Before Selling Your Laptop

Before putting your laptop up for sale, be sure that you completely remove all of your photos, login information, and passwords. Take a moment to reformat and restore factory settings to make sure that your information is wiped clean.

Additionally, make sure that your hardware is in good working order. You can still sell a broken laptop for a decent amount, but you must be forthright and honest in your listings so make sure you identify any potential problems beforehand.

Where Can You Sell Your Laptop?

When you decide you want to sell your old laptop, the first step is considering how much time you can dedicate to making the sale. This will determine where you sell your device.

If you want to try and secure a high payday and have time to deal with online buyers, consider selling your device yourself. If you don’t want to put in all that work and are okay with a fixed price, you can utilize online services that buy outright or sell used laptop devices for you.

Option 1: Bidding and Bartering

If you choose to sell your laptop yourself, you can usually get the biggest payout on sell-it-yourself sites. However, this method also requires the most work. You will need to list your product, haggle with buyers, and deal with possibly unreliable customers. If you’d like to try, your best options are eBay, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace.

To price your items on these sites, skim through them and check the current going rate. If you price your product in the existing range, you are sure to get interested buyers. Going lower also usually makes the sale go faster.

Option 2: Convenience and Ease

If you don’t want to deal with the stress of selling your laptop yourself, you can use an online service to cash in your tech at a fixed price. This price is usually lower than what you could get from eBay and other sell-it-yourself sites, but it also takes away the hassle of dealing with customers directly. If you are willing to forego a bit of profit for speed and convenience then this the option for you.

Look for reliable online dealers. You just have to input your device’s details onto their site. They will usually make you an offer immediately. Knowing the price range you are comfortable with beforehand will also help you confirm the sale faster.

Cashing in on Your Old Laptop

Whether you choose to sell your laptop yourself or utilize a service, you can get a good deal with a little patience and some elbow grease. Don’t let your old tech become clutter at home. Study your options and turn your old laptop into new money.