Editing Photos on Your iPhone

In the past few years, mobile phones in general surpassed cameras as the leading picture-taking device. You can’t beat the mobility of a phone, music player, and camera rolled into one, and the fact that phone cameras have just gotten even better only heightens the appeal of phone photography.

With all the great photos your iPhone can take, it’s only natural that photo-editing and manipulation tools would also be available. One of the simplest ways to edit photos on an iPhone is by using the built-in Photos app. You make simple adjustments from cropping or brightening to more complex ones like boosting colors or adding filters.

Here are some ways you can edit photos on your iPhone.

Adjust Colors

A simple and effective way to create brilliant photos is by using the Adjust tool. This changes the colors by making them brighter, bolder, or muted depending on the look you want to achieve. Click “Edit” on your photo you’ll see the Adjust tool at the bottom.

Click on that and you’ll see different options to play with including Exposure, Brilliance, Highlights, Saturation, and many more.

Choose which aspect you want to adjust and use the slider to achieve your desired look. Be sure to experiment a little because you can create different looks with different combinations.

Play With Filters

If you don’t want to think too much about colors and making individual adjustments, you can choose one of the iPhone’s preset filters instead.

Click “Edit” on the photo you want to use and click on the Filters tool button at the bottom. You can choose from a series of Vivid, Dramatic, and Monotone filters. Each of these has several different options with varying degrees of brightness, warmth, and tones.

The best part is that on the latest iPhone software, you can select a filter and decide how strong you want its effect to be. By default, the filters are set at 100% but you can use the slider to scale this back to a level you prefer.

Adjust Size and Orientation

It’s always advisable to take photos with room for cropping. This is because it’s far easier to crop to the size you want as opposed to regretting you were too close to your subject. The iPhone makes this easy with the Crop tool.

To use this, click “Edit” on your photo and select the Crop tool below. You can use this tool to change a photo’s size, orientation, and even the skewing if you feel it is uneven. You’ll be surprised at how much you can change a photo by making these adjustments

Creating Photo Magic with iPhone

iPhone continues to push the envelope when it comes to phone photography. Taking photos and editing them is easy with the built-in iPhone tools. However, just because your phone can shoot and edit doesn’t mean you should be rushing to sell your laptop online. There are still things you can’t do on your phones just yet, including fine-tuning and more precise editing.