Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Comes With A Special YouTube Feature

Samsung has collaborated with Google engineer’s to integrate the Flex mode and split-screen.

The Flex Mode is like having two displays at the same time.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip was launched in February 2020. It is a foldable phone with a great performance (Snapdragon 855 Plus processor). It has a glass screen and a plastic layer on it and a good battery life. The price for the Galaxy Z Flip starts at $1380.

This time, Samsung has decided to upgrade its user experience with a collaboration with Google, creating a Youtube special feature for Galaxy Z Flip phone model.

Flex Mode: A New Experience For YouTube

With the folding system you can watch Youtube Channel videos hands-free by setting your Galaxy Z Flip on a table for instance. Plus, you can use the app in Flex mode that slips the app in two. On the top half of the screen partly folded, the actual video appears, while on the bottom side of the screen shows the comments, other videos recommended to browse through.  This is like having separate displays that won’t distract each other.  

Image Samsung: Left is the screen unfolded and on the right is the screen Youtube folded.

Furthermore, the Google Duo video call has a video chat that appears on the top half of the screen, while at the bottom of the other half you have the call controls.  Samsung has collaborated with Google professional engineer’s to integrate the split-screen and the Flex Mode in other apps. However, the Flex mode is not exclusive for Samsung Galaxy foldable products. 

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Marie B.

Marie B.