Samsung Galaxy Book Laptops: A Portable Trio

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Samsung once again showed that they are not done with the laptop market. To showcase their dominance as the leading technology company, the brand recently released three great machines with some astonishing designs and functions: Galaxy Book Flex, Galaxy Book Flex Alpha and Galaxy Book Ion.

Samsung offers a portable Galaxy Book laptop for every need and budget.

So, all three laptops we are going to be discussing are Windows based and featuring an additional PowerShare feature to charge your Samsung Galaxy phone or other Qi-Compatible devices.

Galaxy Books are not cheap, but still rather affordable for what you get. The Alpha model starts at $649.99; the Ion one is more expensive, starting at $949.99, and their biggest brother, the 15.6-inch Samsung Galaxy Book Flex, runs at $1,399.99+. However, if you are interested in exploring other 2-in-1 laptop brands, we think our convertible laptop models top picks might come quite useful.

Now, are Galaxy Book laptops worth the price tag? Is Samsung ahead of the ultra portable laptops game? Let’s find out.

Samsung Galaxy Book Models

Because we wrote about the pretty awesome Galaxy Book Flex laptop at length in one of our posts, Galaxy Book Flex: A Stellar 2-in-1 Device, we will be focusing on highlighting the other two configurations.

Without further ado, here is a quick breakdown of the series:


●       Samsung Galaxy Book Flex: This machine comes in two screen size options, 13.3 and 15.6 inches. All configurations are Windows 10 Home operating system based and come with the 10th Generation Intel Core i7 processors. As to memory and storage, you get 8GB RAM + 512GB SSD on a 13.3-inch laptop and 12GB + 512GB combo on the 15.6-inch model..

●      Galaxy Book Flex Alpha: This one has the 13.3-inch screen option only. It is definitely the most “toned down” version of the three, but you still get two configurations. Depending on the budget, buyers can choose between the cheaper Core i5 or  more powerful (and more expensive) Core i7 versions. Like the other three Galaxy Book lines, it features convertible QLED 2-in-1 design.

The duo has a turbo-boost of 4.2GHz for Intel Core i5, 4.9GHz for Intel Core i7, and an internal memory of 8 GB(RAM) + 256GB SSD for Intel Core i5 and 12 GB (RAM) + 512GB SSD for Intel Core  i7. Like its brothers,  it comes with an SDXC support of up to 2 TB.

●    Now the Ion also comes in two screen sizes: 13.3-inch and a 15.6 inch. The duo houses an Intel Core i7 processor, 1.80 GHz processor speed with an internal memory of 8 GB (RAM) + 512GB SSD, plus a UFS & MicroSD Combo Card Reader, up to 2 TB for SD and 512GB for UFS cards.

Samsung Galaxy Book Laptops Design Features

●        Galaxy Book Flex:

Samsung is getting to the peak of colors and designs; Book Flex is a continuation of this transformation. With the Book Flex finish, you get a gradient of hues as the chassis catches the light bouncing off it.

It is only about 0.6 inches thick and the 15.6-inch model weighs 3.35 pounds, which is less than the similar in specs Dell XPX 15, for example. Plus, you can use it as a tablet by flipping the display 360 degrees or prop it up in a tent mode. This is also the only model of the line that is equipped with a stylus (S pen). 

●        Galaxy Book Flex Alpha:

Flex alpha has almost all of the premium features of the other two, except that it comes in an aural silver color and only has a 13.3-inch screen version. It is thin, sturdy, and light with a  touch QLED screen. Flex Alpha doesn’t come with a stylus pen, but you can get one separately, since it is compatible.

●        Galaxy Book Flex Ion:

And speaking of design, Samsung may have just knocked Apple Macbook Air out of place. Their Book Ion is stylish and sleek. Its dimensions are: 12.04 x 7.87 x 0.51 inches, and it weighs only 2.14 lbs!  You can carry it around all day without any trouble. The Flex Ion comes in a single Aura Silver color option. The color, sharp finishes, and minimal design make it a great business laptop.

Samsung Galaxy Book Flex Performance

●        Galaxy Book Flex: Suitable for multitasking with its 10th Generation Intel Core i7 CPU and 12 GB of RAM memory. The Book Flex is fast and you will not experience any slowdowns if you have too many tabs open or when you split the screen.

●      Galaxy Book Flex Ion: Flex Ion is similar in performance to the model above. Not only does it perform well in handling day-to-day productivity tasks, but It also loads everything in a matter of seconds due to its powerful hardware. The high price tag might scare many consumers off, but it is an outstanding laptop for work needs. The only downside is that this model is not equipped with a touchscreen.

●       Galaxy Book Flex Alpha: Being the cheapest of the three, its hardware may lack in comparison, yet, it is still a great ultra portable laptop and performs well in day-to-day use. Plus, it is a convertible touchscreen model, therefore, it is extremely versatile. 

Keyboard, Battery, and Trackpad

Samsung Galaxy Book laptops come with a pretty big touchpad (4.7 x 3.1 inches). Our guess is it’s because of the embedded Qi charging feature. The Galaxy Flex Alpha would be the only exception, but you can initiate the charging by pressing the Fn + F11 keys combo. 

The keyboard is pretty excellent. It is very well spaced up. The only annoyance is that the fingerprint reader takes the half position of the right Shift key. So you might be hitting Shift instead of actually  running your finger though scanner, but it is a minor adjustment.

Both Galaxy Book Flex and Ion come with a battery capacity of 69.7Wh. The Flex Alpha is “downgraded” to a alpha 54Wh li-ion pack. But even the latter yields about 10 hours on a full charge, but of course, the actual battery life will depend on usage intensity.

Samsung Galaxy Book Laptops: Connectivity and Ports

The trio comes with WiFi 6 (Gig +) and Bluetooth V5.0, although Book Flex has 2 thunderbolts 3 and 1 USB C. The Galaxy Book Flex Alpha has 1 USB C and 2 USB 3.0 while Book Ion has 1 HDMI1 and Thunderbolt 3 plus 2 USB 3.0

Samsung Galaxy Book Laptops Screen Options

The Galaxy Books come with a QLED display and 1920 x 1080 resolution. Flex and Flex Alpha are convertible touchscreen models. The Galaxy Book Ion does not have a touch option. All models have integrated Intel graphics.

Pros and Cons Sheet

Samsung Galaxy Book Flex Alpha ● QLED touchscreen display
● Two CPU options to choose from
● Thin, lightweight chassis
● Embedded Fingerprint reader
● The cheapest of the line 
● No Thunderbolt 3 port
● RAM and storage cannot be upgraded later on 
Samsung Galaxy Book
● 2x Thunderbolt 3 ports
● MicroSD/UFS slot
● Responsive fingerprint scanner
● Has a stylus pen
● Touchscreen, convertible
● Great battery life
● Built-in Wireless PowerShare feature
● Lower resolution screen
● Heats up
● Oddly placed fingerprint sensor and awkward Shift key    
Samsung Galaxy Book Ion● Two screen size options to choose from
● Long-lasting battery life
● Super bright screen 
● It’s expensive
● No touchscreen 
● Better suited for corporate needs
● Bad fingerprint scanner placement
● Underwhelming 1080p screen resolution 

Samsung Galaxy Book Laptop: Should I Buy One?

Are you skeptical as to whether these Samsung Galaxy Book laptops series are right for you? Here is our verdict:

Galaxy Book Flex:

✔      Great option if you need a light portable work laptop, but also enjoy streaming movies and shows. Samsung Book Flex, both 13.3” and 15.6” models, are great for that.

✔      Need a long battery life in a Windows-based laptop? This one should last you all day.

Galaxy Book Flex Ion:

✔      This one is a great business laptop option, as it can handle your workload efficiently.

✔      It’s a great choice if you prefer a thin and light laptop with an excellent performance and good battery life.

Galaxy Book Flex Alpha:

✔      This laptop is great if you want a stylish-looking device that does not break the bank. It might not be the best choice for work, but it is more than enough for casual entertainment and web surfing. It very well may be one of the best portable convertible touchscreen laptops $650 can buy.

Trade-In Value of a Used Samsung Galaxy Book Laptop

You might be wondering about the reselling value of the pre-owned Samsung Galaxy Book laptop. Just like pretty much any brand, they depreciate more rapidly if compared to Apple laptops, but used Samsung computers hold up pretty well as the time goes by. Here are a few of current reselling value examples of the Galaxy Book laptops trio (please note that those prices get revised periodically):

So the most expensive of the line, Samsung Galaxy Book Ion 15.6-in Intel Core i7 10th Gen. CPU, can get you up to $393 as of 4/16/2021.

Now let’s look at the cheapest configuration, the Samsung Galaxy Book Flex Alpha 2-in-1 Intel Core i5 10th Gen. 256GB. This one can yield up to $281 cash offer*.

If you have a used gadget you are looking to get rid of, be it a laptop, a smartphone or something else, we at Gadget Salvation would be happy to assist. You can check out the current estimate of your device in real time, place an order in a matter of minutes and get paid via Venmo, PayPal or Zelle as quickly as in three business days.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Samsung Galaxy Book laptops have several model options, ranging from medium to high performance. These devices are well built and are capable of running all essential day-to-day tasks seamlessly, be it in the office or on the go. Galaxy Book laptops are not designed for gaming, but you do get the mobility, the 2-in-1 touchscreen feature, powerful 10th generation Intel Core processors, and a long-lasting battery life. So as long as you are not a gamer and do not require a powerhouse workstation, Samsung may have made the trio just for you. Not only that, they’ve got an option for every budget.

* Priced on 04/16/2021. Subject to change.

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At Gadget Salvation, our mission is to contribute to the electronics reselling market as much as possible so that we extend the life of our gadgets and diminish waste. Our process is simple and seamless.


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