Where do I find my Macbook’s serial number?

On the surface of the computer

Shut down your computer and turn it over. The serial number is on the right above the regulatory markings as shown below.

where to find your Macbook serial number


Find the model name and serial number of your Mac

These and other details are in About This Mac and System Information.

You might want the model name or serial number of your Mac when checking warranty coverage, searching for specifications or other information about your model, creating a home inventory, and more. Identifying your Mac model is also important when selling or giving away your Mac or learning whether it’s compatible with the latest operating system or other software or hardware.

Use About This Mac

Choose About This Mac from the Apple menu () in the upper-left corner of your screen. About This Mac shows an overview of your Mac, including the name and version of its operating system, its model name, and its serial number:

About This Mac window

If you see an About This Mac window like the following, double-click the version number beneath “OS X” to reveal the serial number:

Mavericks About This Mac window

Use System Information

Open the System Information (or System Profiler) app from the Utilities folder of your Applications folder, or click the System Info (or More Info) button in About This Mac. Select Hardware on the left side of the window, then find the model name and serial number on the right:

System Information window

If you can’t use About This Mac or System Information because your Mac doesn’t finish starting up, look for a serial number or model name on the outside of your Mac, or on its original packaging, receipt, or invoice. If necessary, get help from an Apple service provider near you.

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