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  • Heidi M.
    QuoteI had a one year old laptop that was quite literally used three times that I wanted to sell; Best Buy offered me $100. While what I ultimately received did not match the original estimate, it was still well in excess of this figure. I do think I was treated fairly and this process is ridiculously easy. Had a problem locating my final offer that was resolved immediately via live chat; payment was sent within five minutes of acceptance. Short story long, I've just become a repeat customer!.Quotes
  • Steve K.
    QuoteThis was an easy, smooth transaction. The prepaid shipping label was a big help, but the entire process went very well, and the funds were deposited in my PayPal account with no problem. Will use again!.Quotes
  • Kevin Hunter
    QuoteFast, Great service. My second time using Gadgetsalvation. Pleased to have such a service to recycle my phones.Quotes
  • Alexander Fisher
    QuoteI would have liked more money, but other than that, a very nice experience. They did what they said they were going to do, and verified item and did payout quickly.Quotes
  • Emmy Kartner
    QuoteSent my iPad on Friday, and already got my PayPal deposit today (Tue)!! That was quick. Oh, I also loved that you can walk into any UPS store and have your devices packaged and shipped for free, gadget salvation paid for everything. I will definitely be back with more stuff to sell :)Quotes
  • Alice Ferris
    QuoteI had a old netbook lying around, so rather than just recycle it, I thought I'd see what Gadget Salvation would give me. Their website made it quick and easy to send in my netbook for free and get a few bucks. Will use them again.Quotes
  • Kristina Klaus
    QuoteGadget Salvation provides a very fast and easy way to sell your older model phones.That's being fair and honest.Quotes
  • Dawn B.
    QuoteThey are very nice and have great personality even over email. Just be aware that if your gadget isn't in perfect condition you aren't going to get the money for it. Nothing they noted about my product wasn't wrong with it; however I also hadn't said it was in perfect condition to start with. If you are just wanting to sell your product it is a good alternative.Quotes
  • Mark Cohn
    QuoteI had sold another laptop to cashforlaptops and had a bad experience. They gave a very high initial quote but their offer was about 20 percent of that amount. When I said send it back they offered more but it was an obvious scam. Gadget Salvation discussed my laptop and said here is what we think. When it showed up they said it was 'as described' and their quote was exactly the same as the initial estimate. No delays, no revisions, just an easy procedure. Highly recommended.Quotes