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How does the selling process work?



1. Select your device

Start by searching your device on our website. We mainly buy any laptop, cell phone and tablet that is not older than 8 years. So if you cannot find your device on our website it’s because it’s either too old and we no longer buy it, or recently introduced to the market and we haven’t added it yet to our webiste. If the latter case, please contact us and we will add your device as soon as possible.


2. Give us some details

After finding your device, make sure to explore each condition of our online calculator. We have listed all common issues that a device can have. This step is crucial in order to receive an accurate quote. hover over the “?” icon for more details.




3. Ship your device

Before you pack your device, make sure it to dust it off. Pretend you are buying your own device, make it look presentable, free of dirt, odors, stickers, etc. Doing so is part of our testing process but by helping us doing so you save our tech team time that is therefore pass it on to you as added value to your device.


4. Get paid

Once your device is tested you will receive a notification by email to confirm your payment. We offer 4 different payment methods:

  • Company Check
  • Zelle Transfer
  • PayPal
  • Venmo




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