Sell Your iPhone 6

Why Sell Your iPhone 6 to Gadget Salvation?

Easy Process, Fast Payment

To sell iPad 5s is easy, secure and fast with Gadget Salvation. Our catalog extends to a wide range of series for iPad 5s such as Aspire, Chromebook, Predator, Spin, Swift and more. Once you select your iPad 5 Model and series to sell, our custom algorithm pulls pricing data from eBay, Amazon and Rakuten to calculate your estimate, making sure you get a fair price. However, if you experience problems by finding your laptop model, feel free to contact us by email in order to send you a quote.

No need to deal with the hassle of listing your laptop, taking pictures, or even worrying about returns. We make the process of selling your laptop extremely easy. Common questions that you've probably asked yourself are "How do I sell my laptop? How much is my laptop worth? Who buys used laptops? where to sell my laptop? and so on. This is your last stop.

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We Make it Easy

Answer a few questions about your iPad 5 condition and functionality, allows our online estimator to provide you the most accurate value on the market for your used device. After that, accept the quoting offer, fill a form and you will get a pre-paid shipping label. You only need a box to package your laptop. Even a used box would do, as long as it's sturdy enough.

When we receive your package, our technical team inspects your iPad 5, we reset the hard drive to factory setting making sure all sensitive data is removed. Once the inspection is complete, you'll receive an email with your laptop test results. All you need to do now is confirm your payment and we will issue yoru payment within a business day.

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What's The Best Place To Sell My iPhone 6?

This is a very common question. We know that you have many options to sell your iPad 5, to a friend, eBay, Facebook Marketplace, etc. Each has its own benefits. When you use our service to sell your iPad 5, you get a reliable transaction and get paid fast in one business working day. You are free to choose which payment method works best for you, you can choose from PayPal, Venmo, check or bankwire.

Avoid the hassle of dealing with scams, returns, market and price research and many other task that other options require. At Gadget Salvation, we are legit and committed to bring you an excellent service to sell iPad 5 or any other used gadgets. We have been awarded by The Better Business Bureau (BBB) with A+ rating since our first year of operation (2008), and we continue to keep this rate ever since. Our customers have shared their experience and feedback with us and rated Gadget Salvation very high on review sites like Trustpilot, Google Reviews, and ResellerRatings.

How much should I sell my iPhone 6 for?

Your laptop's value is determined by its brand, model and condition. Newer laptop models are usually worth more, but there are a few exceptions were certain older laptops are worth more than older laptops, this depends on their specifications. A flawless iPhone 6 in fully functional condition will have much higher value rather than an iPhone 6 with heavy dents or scratches.