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How do I check my iPhone's sotrage capacity?

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Fingerprints Are Not Fit For Secure Device Unlocking

Users of the new Apple smartphone will be exposed to a new vulnerability of the fingerprint scanner. A signing of German safety has discovered a bug in the software of the new iPhone 5S who said that makes it easier for the “hackers” skip a mechanism that allows users to override remotely the lost or stolen phones. The Berlin Security Research Labs, known as SRL, said Thursday that this vulnerability could cause criminals to time to get into the Apple phones, take control of the data, access to the mail accounts and possibly access to the bank accounts of the user. The company said that they had designed an easier method to circumvent the finger print scanner of the iPhone that the 5S that had shown up to now. SRL, which this summer revealed a great fault of security in the SIM card technology that affects the mobile systems in all over the world, he said that he has shared his research with the security team at Apple. Apple did not want to make comments. Sometimes the company refrains from talk about potential security flaws while reviews. If it is possible to verify the discovery of SRL, would at least the fifth security flaw of the iPhone and its operating system iOS 7 revealed in July. Apple has already fixed some of these errors. The company maintains the silence from which began the concern by your scanner Touch ID for your high-end model iPhone 5S, which began to be sold last month. A “hacker” german known as Starbug was able to circumvent the Touch ID two days after the launch of the phone. Several security experts said that he had been independently verified.

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