Apple iPad 4th Generation 64GB WiFi Only

Apple iPad 4th Generation 64GB WiFi Only

Cosmetic condition

  • Brand new factory sealed gadget.
  • Looks as brand new.
  • Shows minor signs of wear.
  • Your device shows noticeable signs of wear, such as visible scratches, small dents, scuffs, has stickers.
  • Select this option if your device has heavy wear, such as cracks, dents. If screen is cracked, please select that option under "Functionality"
Please select the condition and functionality of your device.



  • Check issues that apply

    • icon - Bad battery
      - Liquid damage
      - Defective charging port
      - Does not power on
    • icon
    • icon Select this option is your phone has any of the issues below:

      - Buttons do not work properly
      - Defective WiFi
      - Defective camera
      - Defective speakers
      - Defective battery
    • icon
    • icon Choose this option if you are missing your wall charger, data cable or both, or they are defective.
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