Selling Process

  1. How does the selling process work?

  2. There are three basic steps. 1. Your get a quote online. 2. You ship your device for free through any UPS Store. 3. You get paid.

    Get a quote

    Start by searching your device on our home page and answering questions about the condition of it. Make sure ot to ommit any information. We want to give you the best value for your device.

    Ship your device

    Before you pack your device, make sure it to dust it off. Pretend you are buying your own device, make it look presentable, free of dirt, odors, stickers, etc. Doing so is part of our testing process but by helping us doing so you save our tech team time that is therefore pass it on to you as added value to your device.

    Get paid

    Once your device is tested you will receive a notification by email to confirm your payment.

  3. How do I get a quote?

  4. Simply go to our home page and search your device, for example "iphone 5 32GB", select your item from the drop down list. You will then have the option to select the condition of your device. Please try not to omit any issue. Our online estimator have listed all the common issues that your laptop, phone or any other dive can have, such as bad battery, broken screen, etc. Once you have selected the condition of your device, you will receive an instant quote. Click the "submit" button to continue to the next step which is receiving shipping instructions.

  5. How does the shipping work?

  6. Once you fill out the checkout form, you will receive a confirmation email with shipping instructions. You will receive a link to print a prepaid shipping label. All you need to do is find a box to ship your device.

  7. Do I have to pay for shipping?

  8. The entire process is absolutely free. It does not cost you anything to sell your device to us. Although, if you misrepresent the condition of your device in order to get a higher valuation for it, you will receive a revised quote once your device is delivered to us. We have improved our estimator by listing the most common issues, so misrepresenting your device should not be an issue.

  9. What is ESN/IMEI?

  10. ESN, MEID, and IMEI are all codes used by manufacturers to uniquely identify each device. Each device will generally have one MEID or ESN or IMEI. Your device identifier can be found via Android's settings: Settings > About Phone > Phone Identity | Status > MEID (or similar)

  11. Can I sell a cell phone with bad ESN/IMEI or active account?

  12. No. You may not sell cell phones that have active accounts, are reported stolen or blacklisted or in the case of iPhones, that are still linked to an iCloud account or the "Find My iPhone" app is still active. Please make sure to clear your phone from all this before shipping it.

  13. Can I sell electronics not listed on your website?

  14. It's possible. We do our best to keep always our purchasing database up to date. If your device is older than 8 years old it is possible that we have discontinued the purchase of this product. If your device is new to the market, it is possible that we have not yet added to our database, please email us to request its addition.

  15. Can I sell a brand new iPhone or any other device?

  16. Yes, we have an option in our calculator named "Looks and works as brand new". You may select that option to receive a quote. If your device is sealed in a box, please email us to request a custom quote.

  17. Is my personal information safe?

  18. Yes, as part of the testing process, we wipe out all personal information. Although we do recommend to delete all sensitive data before sending in your device.

  19. Can I be more specific about the condition of my device?

  20. Our online estimator has all common issues that your device may have. If you believe that you need a custom quote, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  21. Can I include extra stuff in the sale, like my phone or tablet case?

  22. Please do not include any accessories beyond your power adapter and cable. The postage for each shipping box is calculated to a specific weight. Including extra accessories like cases can cause shipping problems and will not increase the value of your sale.

  23. Can I track my transaction?

  24. Yes. Simply login to your account here.

  25. Are packages insured?

  26. Yes. All packages are insured for up to $110. Customers however are still responsible for proper packaging of their gadgets. Damage due to poor packaging is not covered by the shipping carrier and will be the customer's sole responsibility. If items are not packed properly and arrive damaged, UPS will not honor insurance claim, and we will have to revise your online quote based on the condition of the gadget.

  27. Can I sell multiple items?

  28. Yes you can, simply click on "add to my cashbox" button for any item you wish to sell, then click on "add another device" button or simply return to the home page and get a quote for any other device.

  29. Can I sell computer parts?

  30. Sorry, we do not accept electronic parts such as screens, motherboards, circuit boards, etc.

  31. I cannot find my device, what should I do?

  32. If your device is not older than 8 years old, please email us and we will add it to our website.