What marks the end of summer? Laptop Sales.

As the nation heads back to school this predictably becomes a “Christmas Time” for the tech companies like Dell, Apple as well as the trade-in services for used electronics.  This is the season when manufactures make billions in laptop sales as the college kids start to seek out options to sell laptop goods and aged cellphones in order to upgrade to new.

Inevitably, lots of young consumers will be persuaded into spending needlessly on the next big tech inventions such as tablets, iPads etc; which in turn might not necessarily add much benefit to their report cards. While the tablets and iPads seem like an outstanding teaching/learning extension, their lack of decent word processing makes them second-rate technology in terms of serious college typing.

As far as the laptops are concern, it’s never been easier for college students to settle on what computer goods he/she wants to purchase. A lot of tech retailers now sell laptop devices with special student discounts and financing options that make it possible for college population to afford the new technologies. Of course if the budget is an issue, however, one can always find services that sell used laptop devices and refurbished electronics that still can do most of the basic functions.

Moreover, there is no pressure in perusing certain high-priced brands of laptops anymore. Since much of the work in college now happens on the web where the laptop brand is irrelevant, students continuously settle for more affordable options. Unless of course if the college majors require heavy engineering and graphics design projects than it’s smarter to invest into technology that would be of high performance specs.

Some of the most talked laptops this season include Apple laptop lineup with the new version of its operating system- Mountain Lion.  In the same price range is Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon that is very commonly compared to the new Apple’s MacBook Air and HP Envy 6 Sleekbook. All of these are highly rated for their ultra thin designs and very light portable forms, which make them appealing to the college demographics.

Cesar N

Blogger at Gadget Salvation since 2014. Technology enthusiast.