How to prepare your gadget for shipment

Please follow the steps to properly prep and package your gadget for shipment to Gadget Salvation:


Shipping a computer

  1. Wipe your laptop/desktop surfaces with a clean, soft cloth. You can use diluted rubbing alcohol to remove staining and residue. 
  2. Reset the operative system (OS). While setting your OS is optional, it definitely speeds up the testing process and gets you paid faster.

How to reset a computer:

 - Windows 10

 - Windows 11

 - MacOS

    3. Find a sturdy box and package your laptop/desktop with plenty of cushioning material (bubble wrap, packing peanuts, void paper, etc.). Seal all sides of the box with packing scotch tape. Finally, drop it off at the closest UPS location. 

Important: Do not drop the package into a drop-off box. Instead, hand it to the clerk at the UPS Store and obtain a drop-off receipt. Also, please remember that neither we nor UPS is responsible for any damages that occurred during transit, so make sure your gadget is packaged safely and securely.  

Here's an example of a sufficient packaging box:


And here's an example of how you should NOT ship a gadget: 



Shipping of an iPhone/iPad

    1. Sign out of your iCloud and all linked accounts. Remove your Face ID and passcodes BEFORE resetting the iPhone. Then, erase the phone. How?
    2. Package your iPhone and accessories in a sturdy box using plenty of cushioning material
    3. Drop it off at any UPS Store.


Shipping of an Android smartphone/tablet

  1. Log out from and remove any linked accounts. Then, wipe all content and settings (as shown below).
  2. Package your iPhone and accessories in a sturdy box using plenty of protective materials.
  3. Drop it off at any UPS location.


How to Factory Reset Your Android Smartphone: