Sell Electronics or Save Them for Fashion Season

Steven Rodrig Work and Photography

While many might think that Fall season is all about back-to-school technologies as well as sell electronics for new upgrades type trends, it is also highly about fashion. Like any other industry or art, the evolution of its forms often depends and driven by the technological advancements; and the fashion is no different.

It is not a new concept, as over the years the new tech materials have been seen merged with recycled electronics to form what we know as fashion of the future.  The runways today have already seen cellphone dresses, transforming costumes and solar powered bikinis. And with this trend also emerge independent clothing designers and artists.  They are they people who re-think the notion of ‘obsolete technology”; they don’t sell broken laptops but rather implement used electronics in their art collections.

And with New York Fashion Week in mid September as well as the most costume decorated holiday of the year –Halloween- there are just tons of bizarre ideas that might inspire you to your own electronic creations.

As shown on the picture Steven Rodrig’s data bra idea could be a great way to fall into Halloween costume creation.  Using own used electronics is just something simple that can set one apart form the conventional masses. Starting an avant-garde jewelry collection with the UBS necklaces or creating stage costumes using CDs are just a few ideas to encourage your artistic aspirations.

Cesar N

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