Is It Worth to Sell Laptop Computers in Exchange for iPads?

When an iPad was introduced in 2010, for many it looked like a redundant technology that would be no better than an oversized iPhone. Yet now over two years since the release and two more iPad generations after, consumers find themselves in reconsideration. As more young professionals and college students have explored the benefits of this portable technology; they now more often choose to sell laptop devices in exchange for iPads. While many may argue about the pros and cons, especially during this “back-to-school” season, Gadget Salvation has prepared a list that can serve as a reference in your own quest for what’s better. So here is the list of the most blogged about cons and pros of choosing iPad over a laptop and vice-versa.


  1. Weight: Its lightweight form makes an iPad an excellent device for business travels. And for college students who are already burdened by the load of heavy textbooks this gadget comes as a good substitution to other heavier devices.
  2. Price: Although there are now laptops on the market that come close in weighting less than 3 pounds, iPod is much cheaper in price. Especially for the Mac lovers the cheapest laptop could run at $1200, while iPad depending on the size and the data plans, its price ranges from $499-829.
  3. Apps: Also Apple Store is beginning to introduce and work with publishers of school textbooks thus in the long run iPad could become a permanent alternative to weighty books.
  4. Battery Life: One of the best things about the iPad is the longevity of its battery life. For travelers and college students who might not have the convenience of easily accessing an energy outlet, 10 hour battery life of this gadget is a charmer.


  1. Damageable: While it certainly is ultra-portable device, it is also ultra-droppable. Having such a mobile computer device eventually means an increased ability and desire to carry it around which does not at all lower the chances of damaging it while on the move.
  2. Distracting: iPads are also very popular amongst’ the college population. They are considered as a good learning extension tool; however, with its broad range of web applications, games and internet browsing it also becomes a distraction to students’ attention and education.
  3. Lacks Word Processing: Although an iPad user has the ability to take notes on the device and do some minor writing assignments with the Apple’s wireless keyboards, it is still a second rated gadget in terms of word processing. Completing heavy writing assignments and/or working with it on eight-hour-day basis could probably cause serious discomforts. So perhaps for the users who are expected to write for the living perhaps an option to sell laptop computers for iPads isn’t really an option.

Cesar N

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