iPad 4: Why it is launched Now

The apple company presented a fourth generation of its main tablet, the iPad, just six months after introducing to the market the latest version of its star device.

This is an unusual event because Apple does not usually release new versions of their devices within short a short period time in between products.

The site CNET reports today that the reason for an iPad 4 would be closely related to the previous version (the New iPad) not satisfying enough the eyes of its users, as its improvements to the iPad 2 were not significant. Thus, it is expected that the iPad mini will attract buyers who thought acquire the iPad 3, and iPad 4 is expected to satisfy the most demanding customers.

But what’s new in this fourth generation of the iPad? To begin with, it has a A6X processor, that is twice as fast as the iPad 3 (which has a A5X chip). According to Apple, “the competition can’t even come close” to the speed of  its new microprocessor. This feature may be the biggest advantage of this device.

The iPad 4 will also include Lightning connector, the same as has the iPhone 5. In addition, Wi-Fi antennas and support for 4G wireless data connection, LTE also improved in this new version. Moreover, the Retina display (with 2048 × 1536 resolution) and the  10 hours of battery life as the third generation.

The iPad 4 will come with iOS 6, launched a month ago.

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Frank M.

Frank M.

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