Microsoft Sold 4 Million Copies of Windows 8 In Just Three Days

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced today that the company had sold more than 4 million copies of their new operating system Windows 8 in the first three days since its launch.

Windows 8 debuted last Friday as heir of Windows 7, software that was released in 2009 and sold over 630 million copies worldwide.

The executive also said that they had sent million licenses of Windows 8 to businesses.

Ballmer made the announcement on the opening day of the Build developer conference being held until next November 2 in Redmond, WA where Microsoft is headquartered.

Since last Thursday, the computer company has been presenting its new product line to the ecosystem around Windows 8, a technology which adapts the traditional windowing system to the current environment of applications, touchscreens and integration between devices .

Microsoft hopes that the changes made to Windows 8 encourage users that still work with older versions of its operating system, to upgrade to the latest OS version. Windows XP’s life cycle will end in April 2014, when the company will cease to provide technical support.

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