Apple TV Now There’s Always Something Good on TV.

The device of Apple also allows you to link your TV screen with your tablet.

If you’re one of the owners of a brand new iPad Retina Display (the more modern until now) probably you’ve already felt desire to display your photos to more people without the need to provide your tablet. OR perhaps sharing some video. The special connector that uses becomes a great disadvantage in those moments.

For these cases you can consider this option: Apple TV. What is that? A small box that connects to your television. In addition to give you some smart properties – thanks to your Internet connection-, lets you link this screen with your tablet.

The Apple TV is a compact device. Has a design very simple but very elegant, in black. It’s enough just to connect to electricity and tv (via an HDMI cable that is not included) to begin operating.

Your remote control is very simple, the graphical interface is very attractive and the settings are very simple. Brings built-in Wi Fi connection, but also has space for connection via Ethernet cable.

The housing provides access to Apple stores of content and applications such as YouTube, be seen at VIMEO website, Flickr, Netflix. Eye, there are not many and the new downloads depend on Apple updates.

Devices that have the technology airplay (iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone) are connected with the Apple TV, and let you use the display on your HD TV to play certain content without the need for cables.

It is an interesting team, which provides connectivity to the Internet, and that allows the communication between devices without cables.

If you are considering purchasing this device, first read these recommendations:
1. Integrated. Despite its size, it has on the back several spaces for the connection. One of them, optical digital audio port, allows to connect Apple TV to a home theater that has that type of output. You must have a special cable.
2. Without turning off. You will not find an on/off button on the remote control. By pressing any button on the Apple TV turns on (know it by the small white light will be shown at the front of the computer). You must define in the configuration after long inactivity the device will turn off. It can range from minutes to hours.
3. Recommendations. For best performance from the equipment you will need to have, at least, with a HD TV (with a minimum resolution of 720 p). In addition, a robust Internet connection (wired or wireless). To play content from Apple devices, you will need that they have iTunes version 10.5 or higher. Also, have an Apple (ID) account.
4 Available. Apple TV is available for sale in different premises licensed to sell Apple products. Costs in The United States of America You can get to $99.

1. Image. Like all other equipment brand, Apple TV comes in a single package, has an elegant and minimalist design. It goes with any decor.
3′. Simple. Its installation is simple. HDMI cable not included. The team that I tried came from us.UU. and the only doubt I had was about the voltage. It works both 110 v and 220 v.
8′. Step by step. The configuration of the Internet connection is wireless. If you bother to use the keyboard on the screen, turns to a physical keyboard connected via Bluetooth.
19. Without cables. If your device detects the APPLETV in the play mode (for photos or videos) will be shown an option similar to a triangle for sharing content via Air Play.
36. Update. Although I found applications that I was interested in take a TV (Netflix, You Tube), there is no possibility to download other. Appeared new update sent by Apple

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