Apple’s next iPad Mini will have a Samsung-made Retina display

The second generation of the iPad mini will have screen retina (retina display), a name which has been given Apple to the screens that have as high a resolution (2048 × 1536p) that the human eye is unable to see its pixels, according to a report published today by “The Wall Street Journal”.

The retina display is one of the main features of the two latest versions of the iPad 9.7 -inch (the new iPad) and the (iPad 4), but the version of 7.9 -inch does not have it included. The iPad has a density of 264 pixels per inch, while the iPad mini only 163.

The second new iPad mini will be launched to the market during the fourth quarter of this year. The screen will be the same size of the current version and will be provided by its rival, Samsung.

It is likely that there are no significant changes in the design of the device,” said the daily-, but Apple is considering the launch of models with colors beyond the black and white, that is to say, as the iPod.