A New Way To Learn Languages-Lingua.ly

It is called Lingua.ly and is the last idea to learn languages while you surf the Internet, on any page, free of charge and with only a couple of clicks. Does it sound appetizing? What it is. This is a plug-in for Chrome in which, once installed, you can go read any article you want and selecting words to add to your dictionary, know its meaning or learn the correct pronunciation. At the moment, this is available for english, french, spanish, Hebrew and Arabic (Lingua.ly is a start-up born in Israel). We have tested the service and it worked to perfection.

You can check here for yourself. Only you have to do is download the plug-in, choose your native language and that you want to learn, enter with your Google account, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn and ready. The icon of Lingua.ly you will appear to the right of the navigation bar. From that moment, you can double click on any word to add it to your dictionary and know its pronunciation and meaning.

As you go adding words, the system will go knowing your level of language that you want to learn and will be suggesting articles to read, evidence to overcome, practices etc. You can go see your progress in one of the tabs on the icon. The bad: once installed the plug-in can be a bit annoying to see the pop-up with the meaning of the words and pronunciation whenever you double click on something. But it is bearable.

The company uses a natural language system to process all your navigation and suggest articles appropriate to your level of language proficiency. In addition, its founders, Orly Fuhrman (PhD in Computing at Stanford) and Jan Ihmels (PhD in cognitive psychology from the Weizmann Institute of Science) really know what they are talking about. Ensure that soon will expand the application to more languages.

Cesar N

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