5 Apps for Soon-to-Be Parents

Becoming a new parent is no easy feat. The moment the wife tells her husband that they’re expecting, changes have to be made. For first-time parents, this place can be a lot frightening and stressful. Luckily, there are several apps that can assit the soon-to-be parents to make the preparation for coming of the baby hassle-free.

Out of the hundreds of manufactures that sell cell phone apps intended for pregnancy, we have selected the five best programs for soon-to-be parents. these apps make the pregnancy stage more fun, and less stressful.

  • I’m Expecting.- (Free, Android and iOS) This app is considered the go-to app of pregnant women. It provides daily updates and tips relating to pregnancy. It lets Mom and Dad track down and understand pregnancy symptoms. The app also offers information on the development that is happening to the Mom’s body. Weekly pregnancy and fetal development videos are also available. The app also has a community forum for parents. Mom and Dad can ask questions and chat with others that either are on the same stage of pregnancy or have already given birth.
  • Web MD Baby App.- (Free, Android an iOS) This app lets you access hundreds of infornative articles, relevant videos and photos about the fetal development, and valuable guidelines on childbirth preparations. Web MD also provides input on what to do as the pregnancy progresses. Tips on how to care for infants and what to do in case of emergency are also available for free. The app also provides features like the “searchable content” to make the lives of the expecting parents easier.
  • BabyBump.- (Free, Android an iOS). This multi-awarded program ranks high in the Lifestyle, Health and Fitness, and Wellness app categories. Dubbed as the “all-in-one pregnancy app ” BabyBump provides well-curated content.It also allows soon-to-be parents to track the progress of the baby as well as share momentous events to their loved ones. The app also features an iPhone and a global community forum that allows expecting parents to communicate with others.  
  • Amazon App.- (Free, Android and iOS ). Shopping for the baby can’t be early enough, especially since first-time parents need to buy a ton of baby stuff. The Amazon app is a one-stop online store where Mom and Dad can just order everything with a few mouse clicks. It’s a convenient way to shop. The app also features The Amazon Mom’s club where mothers can det rewards or discounts on selected items. Money-saving coupons are also available for the club.
  • Who´s Your Daddy? ($2.99, i OS) This app is particulary designed for first-time dads. All the pregnancy information offered by the app is written by men, with the assistance of certified midwives, for men . The app is fully customizable to suit the specific needs of the Dad. This betselling app uses humor and simple language to make the explanations easier to digest by eager soon-to-be-dads.

With these apps on tap,soon-to-be parents can enjoy every stage of the pregnancy with less stress and more positive vibes.



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