Mother’s Day Special: 3 Perfect Gadgets to Buy for Mom

It is once again time to pat homage to the women who have unselfishly brought you out into the world and the life you have today. For sure, a lot of you have started running to stores that sell electonics looking for stuff that your mom would probably want or need. To make the journey easier for you, here are a few ideas:

  • Misfit Swarovski Shine, $149. If your mom believes in staying fabulous, then the Misfit Swarovski Shinne would probably be the best gift for her. Yes, it’s a wearable , with glamorous Swarovsky Crystals embedded all over it! You just have to pair it up with an Android or iOS app, and it tracks and collects your body weight, sleeping habits eating habits, and a lot more! You can even choose between a violet one and a crystal clear variant . And yes, the list of plusses does not end here, for this nifty gadget also doesn’t need to be charged or to have batteries put in it. Yes folks, it’s solar-powered.
  • Mr Coffe Smart Coffe Maker,$149. If your mom is a big coffee drinker , or enjoys preparing coffee for the entire household, then she’d definitely be thrilled to have this . It’s not just any old coffe maker , but it uses the WeMo companion app to allow her to power up this baby. Using the app, she can shedule when the machine brews her coffe, modify the kind of coffe it makes, and monitor its progress no matter where she is. She can finally rub out and do errands or work around the house without having to peep into the machine even once. All she has to do is check her mobile gadget every so often, and she can enter the kitchen and have coffe good for 10 cups waiting for her.
  • iRobot Scooba 450, $550,$550 ??? Yes, it cots that much.But once you find out what it would do for your mom (and if you compute how much your mom has probably spent on you since you were born) you’ll realize that it’s more than worth it. It pretty much crosses off a huge part of your mom’s daily to do list, simply because this iRobot can vacuum, sweep, and dust the floors for her. It even does its job oh-so-quietly, which is probably a way better companion for your mom compared to that huge vacuum cleaner that can wake the neighbors up with its loud motor. And guess what? It is so steady as it moves, that cats and small dogs have found that this can be a smooth ride for them around the place.

Visit the electronics store near you and find out if they have stocks of these fantastic gadgets for your mother. Remember that it’s not just the thought of giving them something expensive. It’s actually the thought that what you’re giving them is something that can actually help them out and make their ever busy days a whole lot leighter and better.

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